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Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. I agree with all of Tami's gadgets :)
2. The internet
3. Satellite radio
4. Remote controls
5. Cordless home phone - I don't have good cell phone service and have to have a land line too.
6. Power steering - some of you may not even remember when a car didn't have it - huge difference!
7. Dishwasher - as a child in a family of 8 I wanted to wash, but got stuck drying the dishes.
8. Non stick pans
9. Copier, scanner, printer at home...who'd a thought 20 years ago we'd all have one.
10. Ceiling fans - love it - have one in every room.

A Facebook User

My gadgets
1. Microwave oven
2. off course cell phones
3. Love these digital cameras
4, laptop computers, I set back in my recliner and surf away
5. Uploading pics to walgreens and picking them up when I get to town
6. couldn't be without dishwasher
7. convection oven
8. Computerized emboidery machines
9 And we cant leave out the cricut and surecuts alot program


The cordless home phone - huge advancement for multi-tasking! Love it!

Cherri Simon

I like some of yours tooTami:

1. Cell phone
2. personal computer/internet
3. Kindle Fire :)
4. Cricut and Cuttlebug
5. Digital Camera
6. Convection Oven and microwave
7. My car . . .

I could go on and on ;)

Amy Jo Maruschak

1. Laptop computers! Love this thing!
2. Kindle fire
3. XBox Kinect!! So cool.
4. Mocrowave oven
5. Garage door opener... It patiently opens and closes the garage door for me 6-10 times per day and I taxi my kids to and from school and activities!

Libby Wiers

Gadgets I am grateful for:
1. cell phone - how did we get along without them??
2. DVR - now I can go to bed by 10 and watch favorite shows later!
3. Nook Tablet - now I can travel on vacation without half a suitcase full of books AND stay in touch on Facebook.
4, Digital camera - no limit to the number of pictures I can take, and I don't go bankrupt printing ones that are less that stellar.
6. Cricut!!
7. Laptop - sure beats the typewriter I learned on, a non-electric model from way back.

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