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Beverly Kozlowski

My favorite memories are when I was very young and we went to my grandparents house. My grandpa died when I was 8,but I still remember when he hid Easter eggs for us to find. They raised chickens so the eggs were the real thing. Sometimes the eggs were left unfound, and they were not found until weeks later when the rotten egg smell led someone to the eggs.

Kelly Smay

I would have to say when I was living in Lancaster PA and I must have been 7 or 8 years old. My younger sister and I went Easter egg hunting in 6" of snow. We were all bundled up in our winter coats...did not seem like Easter weather :)

Amy Paegel

Favorite Easter memories:
Organdy dresses for my sister and me. (Where did we go in them?)
Dinner of spring lamb – no mint jelly! – and other spring-y things. Peas? Fiddlehead ferns?
Sunrise service in the Chapel at Princeton, with the dawn peeking through the stained-glass picture of Christ.
Joshua’s first Easter-egg hunt, when we had practiced, and he knew just what to do!

Easter future:
I hope that in future Easters, we will have a church of our own to go to that really feels like home.

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