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80s tv
1. growing pains one of my favs
2. cheers
3. full house
4, night court
5. whos the boss
6 Mama's family

Andrea Fisher

This list will be short.
For most of the 80's and a good portion of the 90's we did not own a TV set. (and without cable it was like watching through a sand storm)
Committed to homeschooling our five kids, the TV was a distraction we didn't need...way too much work to do. However, my husband broke down one year (in reality he was a TV addict)
and for my birthday bought me a bag of M&M's and
himself a new TV AND VCR.
A long time Sci-Fi fan, he could no longer miss out on
Star Trek:The Next Generation.
As a by product also
Quantum Leap and
The Cosby Show (he remembered Cosby from the old days on LP's)(for you youngsters...that's vinyl records)

I have seen many of those shows in reruns over the years...and while now watching ST:TNG it's like all new shows...so clear...without the "snow"!

Nancy Liebner

1980s TV:
1) Hill Street Blues
2) Falcon Crest
3) TJ Hooker
4) Mork and Mindy (nanu-nanu!)
5) Love Boat
6) Cagney and Lacey
7) Happy Days
8) M*A*S*H
9) Benson
10) Dallas
11) Knight Rider
12) Charlie's Angels
13) Fame
14) Cheers
15) Taxi
16) Hardcastle and McCormick
17) Newhart
18) The Jeffersons
19) Family Ties (Alex P. Keaton!)
20) Fantasy Island (De plane! De plane!)

I think I watched a lot of TV in the 80's! With 2 toddlers in the 80's it was time to crash on the couch for prime time TV after getting them to bed.

Amy Paegel

Wow, another trip down memory lane! The shows I remember most were (in no particular order):
1. General Hospital
2. Rosanne
3. Saturday Night Live
4. Max Headroom
5. Life Goes On
6. Hill Street Blues
7. Moonlighting
8. Shogun (miniseries)
9. Thirtysomething
10. Star Trek: Next Generation

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