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Spring break
I have had only one spring break that stands out to me...1978....I got married, my husband worked and i was on spring break from college. I spent that week painting our house and getting it ready to move into. So our first week of marriage was spent in his parents spare room in the basement. We moved into our fisrt house the next week end......we have been married 34 years this sunday


Happy Anniversary!


Yes, happy anniversary!!

My spring break memories include...
1) visits to my grandparents home in Florida with a trip to Disney or Busch Gardens
2) hanging out with my best friend
3) staying up late and sleeping in
4) helping my Mom with "spring cleaning"
5) Easter, since it was usually the week before or after the holiday
6) watching the Wizard of Oz on TV and the Miss America pagent

Libby Wiers

Spring break memories:
1. visiting overnight with my cousin, sometimes at her house and sometimes at mine.
2. staying up late on a week night
3. sleeping in
4. riding my bike all over town
5. staying overnight with grandparents, the ones in town and the ones away

Julie Miller-Oconnor

I really don't remember spring break as a child. I do remember taking off work when the kids had spring break so we could do fun things together.

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