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Georgi Heyen

I live in Mexico, Mo. and have done mosaics for about 10 years. I am out of the paper I got from a store in Jeff City that quit stocking it and then went out of business. I taught myself how to do some different lay-outs and never knew of someone who taught it. I am glad to see on this web site different techniques. It would be neat if we lived closer together. It definitely, for me, be more than a day trip. I have scrapbooked for about 20 years and am on my 57 book. I just inherited vintage photos from my uncle, who now has alzheimers. I have them back to my great-great grandparents wedding photo. It says that on the back, but it appears that they are in their 40s and she has her left hand on a very pregnant stomach. They lived in Van Wert County Ohio. The book I am working on now has my uncle from a few mos. old to now. I am going to send it to my aunt in Euclid, Ohio for her to take to my uncle in the nursing home there.
I know this is long winded. I have been holed up all weekend boxing up things for our aprt. to be painted and I needed an outlet. I will be looking forward to new techniques here. Georgi Heyen

Linda Holmes

Georgi: Thanks for your comments. I wish you lived closer to St. Joseph. We are going to have another mosaic class within the next few weeks. My husband and I travel quite often, so maybe if you got some gals together, I could teach a class in the Mexico area. I would probably charge somewhere between $10 and $15 and include the necessary supplies for a 2-page layout.
The pictures you recently inherited sound very interesting and challenging. Maybe we will have some ideas at this site which you could use for those too. If you need to get in touch with me, my email is: palkholmes@yahoo.com or call 816-279-4959.

Jean Frisbie

Linda,I finally found your work and it is amazing.I joined the journal so I could comment etc. and it will be interesting to watch your work.Right now I'm so busy having surgeries that I don't have time for much else but one day hopefully I'll be done.My eyes have gotten worse now so need both cleaned up so that means surgery!again. Four surgeries all lined up to have done this year.I'm glad I found this as it looks like something I'll be interested in once I can see better.

super scary movies

Spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do, but my "guilty pleasures" are reading murder mysteries and going to scary movies with my neighbor. Also, chocolate calls my name!

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