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Theresa Amlong

This is the most beautiful wedding page I have ever seen! I hope you make a copy for the bride. I know I would love to have this page if it was me - it is just sooooo pretty!


Thank you Theresa. This page will go to the bride. I love making Mosaic Moments as gifts.


I just bought your kit and am excited to make a scrapbook using your techinques. I wanted to ask what size photo the tree is in the background of this page? I know sometimes you blend photos, but this looks like just one picture? It is an incredible layout! I have not yet developed my recent vacation photos and keep wondering what size to print for the photos because it looks like you print some very large size photos for your layouts, as well as, the 4 x 6.



All the photos used were printed a standard 4x6 size. The tree in the background was created using 3 different photos.

Good luck with your layouts!

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