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Mindy Shirley

1. I picked out orange and red carpeting for my bedroom when I was four--you have to love the 70s!
2. I had my own room--my two sisters were out of the house.
3. It was on the second floor.
4. It was at the top of the stairs.
5. It had two windows.
6. I had a canopy bed.


The places we dream in...where I slept and where I dreamed were not the same
1.I slept in my own room because I was an only child
2.We moved every couple of years and my preschool/grade school years we were overseas in furnished military housing usually..nothing special so no real memories
3.My place to dream was where ever I curled up with a book
4.My place to dream was lying in the grass looking at clouds or stars or the moon and wondering if my grandparents were seeing the same sky I was
5.My place to dream was the rocking chair I spent hours holding my babies

Libby Wiers

Where did I sleep?
1. In the same bedroom from age 1 until I got married.
2. An only child until I was 8, I slept alone for a long time; then came a sister and then a brother - he got the room alone and I shared a double bed with my sister until a new room was built for my parents and she moved into their old room.
3. My grandfather built in storage under the sloped ceiling - two huge cupboard/bureau pieces with a desk between - which I remember painting pink. (What was I thinking?)
4. The room was located upstairs and near the bathroom, a big room with a large closet and space to spread out and have a chair to read in.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

The places we dream in:
1. My older sister and I shared a double bed until I was about 7. She is legally blind and I thought it was cool that she could read stories from books in the dark! My oldest sister had a room of her own. Also had 3 older brothers that lived in the finished basement.

2. Next room was when my oldest sister moved out and I got her room. It was really small. About age 10 or so I moved to my oldest brother's room in the basement. I didn't like it until I was about 12. Used to sleep walk and that scared me. As my brothers moved out I had the entire basement to myself. Stayed in the basement until I moved out.

A Facebook User

I come from a family of ten and my first memory was sleeping on a youth bed in my parents room, I was thrilled whena sister married and I graduated to a roll away bed and shared a room with 2 sisters. at age 8 i moved to the big bed!! and finally at 13 I was in my own room. it was in 1972, my carpet and comforter were purple, and i had bright orange curtains, osmonds pictures covered my walls, My husband teases me about still....those were the days

Amy Jo Maruschak

The places I've dreamed in...
1. My childhood bed was a full-size Jenny Lind bed that belong to my great grandmother.
2. I had a pink and white gingham bed spread.
3. When I started high school I asked for a twin sized bed.
4. I got to pick out a new grey/tan/purple comforter that I thought was so cool!
5. My bedroom had a build in desk that I used for a vanity. I spent many mornsing there working on my hair and make-up!
6. Now, my kids bedrooms are adorable while our bedroom needs HELP! ...But I have a plan in the works. This time next year, "Mommy and Daddy's bedroom" is getting a makeover!

Amy Paegel

I always had my own room; never shared with my sister
The closet was not deep enough for hangers; the rods went sideways.
Ages 5-14 my room was in the front of the house on a very busy street. Occasionally there would be a crash in the middle of the night. Strangely, that didn’t wake me up – it was my mother & sister coming in to look out the window that would wake me up.
I had a toddler bed that came with the house, then a single bed, then a double – a hand-me-down when my parents upgraded to their king.
I had a desk, and shelves that my father built on brackets, and a large toy chest with doors in front that Papa made. Occasionally one would get painted; I favored light shades of purple. The room had white walls, two windows (one on the side of the house; one on the front), and wall-to-wall carpet. It felt spacious.

Tina Kain

1) a place that had pink carpet
2) in high school I would share with exchange students
3)light blue walls
4) loved having my poodle sleep at the end of the bed.


* my first bedroom through age 6 had a double bed, and my parents gave me an old TV and Pong console to play with (my first video game!)
* later, i had a powder blue room with a pink butterfly border, and coordinating blue/white shag carpet, and a daybed.
* my last room at home was in the basement – it was two separate rooms! a den for hanging out with friends and a bedroom. in that room i was allowed to draw on my walls and i did some really cool art and caricatures of my friends! it was like a giant coloring book
* when i lived on my own, i bought myself a canopy bed and hung curtains around it – that was a little creepy, being shut into bed like that!
* now my room is so big that my craft room is a part of it! not to mention the walk in closet that could easily be a craft room if i didn’t have a million clothes

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