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Sarah Lewis

Things that warm my heart:
1. my fuzzy slippers
2. my hand knit socks
3. my fleece jackets
4. my hand knit scarves
5. my BOG boots
6. my furnace!

Mindy Shirley

1. My comfy grey pants
2. My Dallas Cowboys snuggy
3. My Cardinals hoodie


Things that warm my heart:
1.Over-sized pink Hershey sweatshirt
2.soft fleece nightgowns
3.fuzzy socks with aloe in them
4.Mickey Mouse gloves

Libby Wiers

Winter accessories I 'heart':
1. fleecy socks in lots of colors
2. over-sized Bates sweats
3. fleece pullovers in assorted colors
4. my long, rose-colored fleece bathrobe
5. collection of fleece blankets (do you see a theme here?)
6. my lavender hat that pulls down over my ears
7. my soft fuzzy scarf

Tina Kain

Winter warming items:
1) keen boots with wool socks
2) mittens with hand warmers
3) carhatt coat
4) underarmer shirt, wool sweater
5) blankets, blankets and more blankets
6) gas fire place it all else fails!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Winter warm accessories:
1) Must have been all those descriptive snow words I used yesterday...got to use my new snow boots this morning...yeh?
2) Wood Stove
3) Snuggle up w/my fuzzy blanket and my Boston Bull Terrier
4) Hoodies (underneath coat when really cold)
5) Fuzzy footies, gloves and hat
6) Electric blanket when really cold...normally not needed r/t hot flashes
7) Going to a pajama crop tomorrow and feeling warmer already!

A Facebook User

1, YEA!!! pj crop tomorow
2. fuzzy owl blankets
3. fireplace
4, warm socks and gloves


1) Soft fuzzy blanket
2) Warm cat to lay on me
3) Furry slippers
4) Cool jean jacket with fake fur collar


Winnie the Pooh slippers
Gnome flannel pajama bottoms
Flannel sheets

They all help me stay warm and cozy at home!

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