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A Facebook User

This is what Ive heard about a lot lately
1. cruise ship sinking
2. body found under HOLLYWOOD sign
3. icy roads

Beth Glass

The talk around the water cooler in my kitchen....
1. "Mom, we have no food in the house"
2. "Mom, there's something wrong with the microwave"
3. "Mom, the dishwasher is full"

Sarah Lewis

The talk here:
1. When is the snow going to stop
2. When is the snow going to melt
3. When is the slush going to go away
4. When are we going to leave the house
5. Mom--you are going stir crazy!

Libby Wiers

What I've heard a lot about lately:
1. Ayla, a small girl who disappeared near here
2. Cruise ship tipping over
3. Political candidates, mostly Gingrich and Romney
4. Paula Deen and diabetes
5. winter roads

Mindy Shirley

What I have heard about today--

1. Vegas--friend is going and wanted to know what to see while she is there
2. Mini ice storm last night
3. My crazy coupon friend who bought a ton of stuff for $20!
4. Bowling


This is what Ive heard about a lot lately
1.Weather here in the Seattle area Snow, snow, snow,snow
we aren't equipped to handle it with our hills!
2.Cruise ship disaster
3.New weather here in Seattle today..winds to 50mph and probable power loss to those lucky ones like me who still have it (275,000 have been without for days)
4.That's it..we have been snowed in a week and have had some days of non-stop TV broadcasting nothing but local issues due to weather....lots of reading time :-)

Julie Miller-Oconnor

What I've heard about lately:
1. Cruise ship disaster. ("Costa" was the first cruise line we went on in the Caribbean).
2. Crazy "winter" weather in Missouri. The under treatment of roads for the first ice storm (some people died on the icy roads) and the over treatment of the mild ice storm Friday night.
3. Newt Gingrich on tv constantly.
4. Of course my new grandson Jackson!


1. Costa Concordia Cruise wreck off the coast of Italy (1/13/12) – as of today, 12 dead, 20 still missing
2. GOP Candidates – Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum… who’s it gonna be
3. Internet blackout on 1/17/12 in protest of SOPA – many sites were “blacked out” in protest, and offered ways to contact your congressman to help discourage votes
American Idol…another season, really? I mean… X Factor is the new American Idol…
4. Strange weather all over the place… below zero temperatures, mountains of snow, freezing drizzle… everywhere but Texas, where it has {thankfully} been in the 70s most of the week. strange for January.
5. Picnik is closing down. Depressing.

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