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I'm a big fan of ...

1. Tim Holtz -- he considers the end user and incorporates a variety of uses into each of his tools.

2. Henry Ford -- he figured out a way to save money and went for it -- without sacrificing his employees.

3. J. Robert Crouse -- a friend of Henry Ford, he made Americans need electricity and created a society based on cooperation.

A Facebook User

I am a big fan of
1. Michelle Duggar...dont agree with that many kids but she has done a fantastic job...homeschooling and raising her children with good christian values
2. Florence Nightingale...boy have we come a long way in the field of nursing
3. Rachel Ray....wish I could enjoy cooking the way she does

Amy Jo Maruschak

Creative people I am a big fan of:
1. Tami Potter - seriously! You've created an amazing line of scrapbooking products! So unique and SO my style!
2. Jane Austen
3. My daughter, Allison - she can create anything she imagines out of whatever scraps are laying around. She's 7.

Libby Wiers

Creative people I am crazy about:
1. Debbie Macomber, for stories with wonderful characters
2. Charles Schultz, for cartoons that stand the test of time
3. Jim Henson, for the hilarity of The Muppet Show
4. Tami, for your great product and the whole mosaic idea that is so 'up my alley'
5. My friend Brenda, who makes the most wonderful cards
6. Claude Monet, for such wonderful impressionist paintings

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Creative people I am crazy about:
1. God - for creating all of us crazy creative people
2. Kodak - for the obvious
3. Creative Memories - just for introducing me to this crazy scrapbooking world...1st party in the 80's
4. Lisa Bearnson and Creating Keepsakes Magazine - for all the wonderful ideas
5. Tim Holtz and Heidi Swapp - love distressed stuff
6. Florence Nightingale - I agree w/Dianne - no more metal bed pans! Yes, we are both RN's.
7. Cricut and Gypsy inventor!
8. Singer - learning to sew as a child
9. The 60's - what started the love of music and beads!
10. Bunn - fast coffee so I can do more creating

Amy Paegel

Rachel Coleman from Signing Time
Sting and Michael Stipe and Tracy Chapman and yes, even Lady Gaga
Becky Higgins, Ali Edwards, Lain Ehmann, Tami Potter, Stacy Julian
My brother-in-law Patrick

Mindy Shirley

1. Heidi Swapp
2. My pastor at church
3. Tami Potter
4. Becky Higgins


Sweet! Thank you!


* Jim Henson. love EVERYTHING the man did, he was a genius.
* Monty Python. you see their fingerprints everywhere, and you probably never knew it!
* scrapbookers and cardmakers. i could get more specific but i’d hate to leave anyone out! i have a lot of favorites
* Hunter S. Thompson. he was a drug-crazed weirdo but he has definitely said some pretty profound things and had a hell of a life. i respect him for who he dared to be and the experiences he shared in his writing.
* Shel Silverstein. no one has a bigger place in my heart – i’ve loved him since i was in kindergarten, and own almost every single one of his books – including his few “adult” themed pieces
* Hayao Miyazaki. love ALL his films. even Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind, which i do not like so much. his stories and animation are absolutely beautiful, i love all the imagery he uses and the realism he brings to simple anime characters.
* J. R. R. Tolkien. i mean, really. this guy… lived almost his ENTIRE life making up an ENTIRE other universe in his head – languages, geography, creatures, history. his books are amazing, truly one of the best series ever written in my humble opinion
* music in general. this could be a long list as well so i will just leave it at that. music definitely piques my creative side!
* Johnny Depp. my favorite actor of all time, ever. probably one of the single most creative actors as well – he definitely knows his roles!


Creative people I am crazy about:
1. Walt Disney who created a magical world from his vision
2. Names unknown...all the "inventors" who design he tools for us to scrapbook. Paper trimmer to reduce the massive amount of cutting made a huge difference for me...I had to give up scrapbooking due to arthritis a few decades ago but then tools started be invented and I am able to create again.
3. The talented designers who inspire us all to create beautiful pages...including Tami who really helped me find a way to use my thousands and thousands of pictures!

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