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In five years I see myself making a living doing what I love and spending lots of time with family and friends.

A Facebook User

In 5 years I will be
still working as rn in endo lab,
still be very close to my grandchildren, watching them grow up, camping and taking more vacations.
Still married for almost 40 (now that deserves a big cruise!!!)

Julie Miller-Oconnor

In 5 years I will be:
1. Living and working where my husband and I want to retire...maybe Florida?
2. Travel, travel, travel.
3. Have 10 grandkids now, maybe have a great grand child by then?
4. Have my genealogy scrapbook completed!
5. Be almost 10 years cancer free!!

Tonnya Sayah

5 years from now I "see myself"

1. Still getting used to having no kids in the house
2. Traveling with my husband
3. Taking a motorcycle riders course

Mindy Shirley

5 years from now I see myself

Attending my son's junior year football and baseball games.

Attending my daughter's graduation from college.

Taking a cruise with my husband

Sarah Lewis

In 5 years, I will be scrapping more since I will only have one child at home, I will driving to more horse shows, visiting college campuses and I will be making plans for our empty nest!

Libby Wiers

My crystal ball sees me in 5 years:
Still working (who can afford to retire?) but not full time, celebrating our 47h anniversary, atttending our elder grandson's high school graduation, trying to find more time to scrapbook, doing some traveling - I guess just more of the same old, same old.

Sherry Cowan

In only 5 years...
* seeing my daughter graduate from college
* my last two children in high school
* traveling with my husband more to conferences
* going back to work full time
* a renewed beginning of craft-time to myself!


* homeschooling Kellan.
* possibly designing stuff for a scrapbooking company, or my own line of digital scrapbooking products.
* maybe adopting another child?
* trying to squeeze around the schedules of two busy teenagers.
* maybe living abroad, if Travis’ company decides we need to go somewhere (it’s in the cards, folks. i’m pretty nervous about it actually.)
* still having the same friends and doing the same usual stuff i always do. i’m a creature of habit, really.


5 years from now I "see myself"
1.still trying to catch up on the past 40 years of scrapbooking (up to 45 then)
2.enjoying my adult grandkids
3.taking a cruise every few years for my vacation
4.hopefully finding a "new" medicine that will really work on my arthritis
5.hopefully having enough social security and medicare coverage to live comfortably and still afford scrapbook supplies :-)

Tina Kain

In five years I see my self...
1) traveling to see my oldest at college
2) in the same job but with a new boss
3) hopefully take a nice vacation top Germany to visit my Exchance grothers and sister,s

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