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Sherry Cowan

I heart shopping for:

1. Baby Shower gifts. I love looking at sweet outfits as well as the newest 'gadgets'.

2. Organizing items. Things that will simplify my craft room or kitchen.

3. Scrapbooking supplies! ♥ Of course, silly! ♥

4. Fresh florals. My favorite flower shop has a walk-in cooler that you can instantly put a bouquet together. ♥

Mindy Shirley

I heart shopping for:
1. Shoes--I love shoes!
2. Christmas gifts--I love to give gifts and see people when they open the gift
3. Scrapbooking supplies--especially when I have a specific project I am working on
4. New kitchen appliances--I love getting a new coffee maker or blender.

A Facebook User

I heart shopping for
1. scrapbooking supplies
2. shoes and clothes
3. fabrics
4. crafts
5. embroidery things
I'm a shopaholic i just love to shop


I heart shopping for:
1. Papercrafting products
2. Antiques
3. Furniture
4. Kitchen tools/toys

Cherri Simon

I "heart" shopping for:
1. Scrapbook supplies and tools
2. Yarn
3. Cross-stitch patterns and floss
4. "Stuff" at the office supplies store

(Hate shopping for auto parts, home repair store and clothes)

Sarah Lewis

I like to shop for:
1. Books
2. Craft Supplies
3. Office Supplies
4. Organizing Supplies (but I am rarely organized)
5. Yarn

I really dislike clothes and furniture shopping!

Tina Kain

Like shopping for....Really I dont like shopping.

1) craft supplies
2) books


I heart shopping for:
1. scrapbook supplies
2. organizing supplies - maybe it IS related to the same scrapbooking gene :-)
3. anything in a kitchen store
4. "at least looking" at any sale table
5. cozy comfy nightgowns to wear whenever I get to stay home

Amy Jo Maruschak

I heart shopping for:
1. Bargains. Any bargains. All bargains! Who doesn't love a bargain?
2. Organizational supplies. Anything to keep my house clutter free!
3. Scrapbook supplies. Love scrapbook stuff.

Libby Wiers

I ‘heart’ shopping for:
1. All sorts of craft supplies – scrapbooking, papercrafts, fabric, yarn…
2. Books
3. Shower gifts – bridal or baby, so many neat things not available when I got married and had babies (getting old…though not there yet…)
Otherwise, I’m not much into shopping and hate buying clothes (too hard to fit).


i <3 shopping for:

1. CRAFT SUPPLIES!!! i mean, are you kidding me? i keep considering asking if they will let me just move into Hobby Lobby if i pay them a monthly premium...


3. FOOD. i love food shopping. i love food.



Julie Miller-Oconnor

I heart shopping for:
1. Scrapbooking supplies (new stuff/techniques)
2. Jewelry making supplies
3. Magazines for the above
4. Rummage through thrift stores for stuff...LOVE OLD BUTTONS!

Tonnya Sayah

I heart shopping for:
1. Shoes!
2. Scrapbook papers & embellishments
3. bags - what can I say I LOVE bags
4. Pens - I don't know why but I always buy pens & markers
5. gifts for my husband & 2 sons. I love buying stuff for them.

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