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A Facebook User

Preparing for trip to Florida
1. Shop condos on the beach for best bargain
2. order van early for winter prices
3. pack clothes, and items needed for vacation
4. cooler with drink, and snacks for long drive down there
5. Search internet for things to do

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Preparing for a 3 day crop:
1. Calcuate how much time is actually cropping time vs. talking, eating and sleeping.
2. Season of the year, place of the crop, and classes determines how I pack.
3. Have a tote w/all basics and a Mosaic Moments tote that is never unpacked.
4. Decide which pictures to use. Use x-lg (13x19?) ziplock bags to put 12x12 paper, embellishments, etc. that make up each page. That way I'm not looking around for what makes up each page.
5. Bring snacks and have fun!

Libby Wiers

Before a GFWC Convention:
In advance -
1. make a list of what days I'll be away and special events for each day
2. list clothes for each day/event, also accessories like jewelry and shoes
3. make sure everything is clean!
4. list all other things needed from meds to paperwork
The night before -
5. lay out all things on the bed by day, then put them in the suitcase so things I need first are on top
6. pack a carry-on with tickets, electronics, meds, Nook
In the morning just before leaving -
7. the last thing to go in the suitcase - toiletries after a shower

Amy Jo Maruschak

Before a family road trip:
1. I pack a "car bag" with toys for the kids and me!
2. I look up and print maps, directions and info on the place we are going.
3. I print out Junior Ranger info for the kids if we are going to a national park.
4. I lay out clothes for the kids (usually something coordinating so it will look cute in my scrapbook).
5. I let my husband get up early and pack the car!

Mindy Shirley

Preparing for a day on our boat:
1. My husband gets the boat from the storage shed and brings it to our house.
2. Pack up the cooler with beverages and our lunch meat or hamburgers or hot dogs.
3. Pack a bag with the bread or buns, chips, snacks.
4. Pack a second bag with sunscreen, towels, water tight box for our phones and wallets.
5. Camera
6. Put it all on the boat and head out!


I did a seven page list..hit post and when I tried to enter special "word" in box below (only 1/8th of box showed) whole thing disappeared :-(


Judy, I am so sorry to hear that. I am not sure what "special word" means. (I don't require captcha here). How did you sign in? (via typepad or facebook...?)


* Sadly, for so many years of my life one of the biggest things i have spent doing preparing for a trip was spending time in front of a computer. burning CDs for road trips, piling up movies and games on laptops for kids, adjusting and readjusting my iPod playlist… for one reason or another i’m always running up to the last minute before i shut down the machines and get in the car…
* Making sure everybody has everything. being that i wait until the last possible second to pack, i always run across things in my packing that i think someone else might have forgotten. so there’s a lot of, “does [family member] have socks and a jacket, in case it gets cold? where is [family member's] toothbrush? everyone has a pencil and a notebook, right?!? JUST IN CASE!!!”
* Putting everything in the car, printing out boarding passes, setting the route on the laptop/iPad/iPhone and getting all the power adapters and cables strapped into place or in their places in bags.
* Petting the dog and cats one last time, telling them they are good boys and to be good!
* Rechecking every centimeter of the house (doors shut, locked, power off on various items, no animals shut in rooms) and making a mental picture of exactly how everything is when i leave so i know where it’ll be when i get back!
* Setting up my “station” in the car – somewhere that i can be comfy and still have access to everything since i’m always the gopher on long car rides.

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