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Grade School teachers I Remember...

Kindergarten: Mrs. Lunn (when I was injured in a winter playground accident and came to class late, she turned me away at the door because she didn't know me.)

Grade 1: Mrs Swords (would invite teachers in to the class and tell me to "say something Scottish" and turn around and threaten speech lessons for pronouncing words "incorrectly" in reading circle)

Grade 2: i/2 yr with Mrs Swords again, then on to another teacher who gave me an "A" on a "test" that I actually flunked...this is when we learned I needed glasses (my guess is so did the teacher)

Grade 3: Mrs Scherbarth (an older teacher...well in those days they were all old...but one of my absolute favorites, learned the times tables from her and began to love history because of the stories she had us read)

Grade 4 Mrs. Rudy (youngest teacher so far...spent the year calling me Adrian...maybe she needed glasses too)

Grade 5 for the life of me I can't remember her name, but she was by far the youngest teacher I had, looked like a model, drove a Camero...one of the first Cameros...and she was good. Second half of the year Miss. Grady...old lady...but the first to realize I was having migrain headaches and seated me away from the windows and the light to help me out...what a dear.)

Grade 6: Mrs Cheney an older, no non-sense teacher...by far one of the best I ever had.

~~Andrea Fisher
2012 Mosaic Moments Design Team Member

Sarah Lewis

Kinder--Mrs. O'Connor (I remember she got mad at me when I brought a stray dog to school)
1st grade--Mrs. Huffman (I remember a boy flipping up her dress and I saw her girdle)
2nd grade--Mrs. Ferguson (no memories of her)
3rd grade--Miss Powers (she was so pretty)
4th grade--Mrs. Elwood (no memories of her)
5th grade--Mrs. May (no memories of her)
6th grade--Mrs. Duncan (she had really long, black she always had piled on her head in a beehive doo and I embroidered her a baby gift--she thought that was cool)

Mindy Shirley

K: Ms. Gassman (I used to read to the class when she would need to go to the office or step out of the classroom for a minute because I was one of two students who could read well)
1st: Ms. Hubert
2nd: Mrs. Shehan (loved her)
3rd: Mrs. Owens
4th: Ms. Kuhn (still friends today)
5th and 6th: Mr. Kamm, Mrs. Nave, Mr. Setzekorn (this was the first time we "switched" classes at school)


hmmm.... not sure I can remember all of these ...
K: Mrs. Fish
1: Mrs. Hart (or Hartly??)
2: We moved this year, so I had two. I can't remember who my teacher was at one school, but the second was Mrs. Bastian. She let me change my name to Daisy -- don't know why I wanted to change my name -- and remembered me years later when our paths crossed again.
3: Mrs. Koral (she was mean)
4: Miss Price -- I loved her. It was her first year of teaching and I remember the most from her class. She found me as an adult and I met her current class. She had even saved some of my work from way back then!
5: Mr. Beaver (yes, I had some very odd teacher names!)

Libby Wiers

K (called subprimary then): Miss Greenlaw (she was my father's teacher also; made me sit on the desk when she caught me talking as she returned to the room)
1: Mrs. Harvey
2: Mrs. Blood (she taught us 'God Bless America' and her upper arms jiggled when she conducted)
3: Mrs. Pratt (turned me upside down, since I was the smallest in class, to illustrate that 2+5 and 5+2 were the same)
4: Mrs. Fletcher
5: her name escapes me, but I remember doing penmanship with pens you dip in ink
6. Mrs. Hichborn (she made me sit in front of her desk because I talked too much; then the next year she made my cousin sit there because we were related)
They were all good, caring teachers who made us work to our best potential.


Grade School teachers I Remember -
This is a really hard one and I look really bad but I cannot tell you the name of any teacher I had until high school! This is partly because I started 1st grade almost 60 yrs ago.
1. First half of 1st grade was in a US military run school for dependents in Germany...2nd half in Oklahoma
2. 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade we all in Altus, OK. All I remember about grade school is my best friend I met days after moving there in 1st grade. I remember her because we are still best friends despite both moving all over the world in our lifetimes
3.5th grade started in OK but then I finished the year in another US military run school in Madrid Spain (by the US military run means school existing solely for the dependents of the military serving at that base)
4. 6th grade still in Spain and we had a different teacher for every subject. My only memory of grade school in Spain was meeting my other best friend for life :-).
The schools I attended were so different from the ones my kids and grandkids went/go to. The teachers were often wives of military men and they moved when husbands did so we often had more than one teacher in a year. Our classmates were also constantly switching..even the school in Oklahoma while a public grade school had a huge percentage of military dependents. I think personally I "protected" myself by not really getting close to many. By time I started grade school I had moved 5 times so learned no one stayed in my life but my parents. My classmates and I were military dependents of Dads still active after serving and surviving in World War II. The very first of the baby boomers, very different time...


wow, what an interesting perspective of school for military dependants, thatnks for sharing that, I never really knew! ~andrea

Tina Kain

Grade School teachers....This is really hard.
I really only remmeber one
Mrs Lopp from Kindergarten.
Mr French was my speach therpist.

This is really bad. Now I am going to have to go back through paperwork and try to figure it out.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Grade School Teachers?

After much thought only remembered 2 names, but can remember the room/location for each grade and what the teacher looked like. Fond memories of Camp Mo-Val in 6th grade. Had a wonderful teacher in 7th grade earth science Pat Humor (she was a drill sargent in the military prior to coming to our school). Still remember stuff she tought us and that was a looong time ago. Disliked Iowa Basics...does anyone else remember those?

A Facebook User

1. Sister Mary Jane 7th grade (grew up with my father)
2. Sister Lucille
3. Sister Shelah
No cathlic school nuns didn't carry rulers and slap on the knuckels...have many fond memories....

Amy Jo Maruschak

Grade school teachers I remember:

1st Mrs. Whittington: Loved her. Loved 1st grade.

2nd Mrs. Franks: She was tough on me and made me pay attention. I didn't like it at the time, but I am thankful for her today.

3rd Mrs. Hutton: Let us use "cheat sheets" for our times tables. Later when I was in high school I worked at an Arby's where her son was a manager!

4th Mrs. Sanders: Made me learn my times tables!

And that is where my memory stops... Funny, but I don't remember the names of my 5th and 6th grade teachers!!

Amy Jo Maruschak

What a coincidence! I spent part of 4th and all of 5th grade at school in Madrid! (My Dad was in the military!) We lived off base in Royal Oaks from 1979-1981. My dad is a Vietnam Vet. :-)


I lived in Royal Oaks from 1958 to 1962 :-) It was brand new when we moved in...cant imagine the shape it was in 17 years later. When we first moved to Madrid we lived in a huge apartment building, downtown...all Americans...while Royal Oaks was being finished. It was across the street from the national soccer stadium.. have a lot more memories of events happening outside our windows those 6 months than I do of all my years in grade school :-).. I am sure another huge difference in the 17 yr difference is that Franco was still the dictator of Spain when I lived there. Really strict rules for Americans..some really dumb. I am obviously your Dads generation since a lot of my high school and college friends ended up in Nam...horrible time.


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