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Mindy Shirley

1. I had a niece that was a year older than I was.

2. I could read.

3. I had two older sisters who were both living out on their own--so I was an "only" child at home with my parents.

Sarah Lewis

1. I had lived in 3 different houses
2. I had a baby brother and baby sister
3. I did not have any pets

Libby Wiers

1. I lived by a greenhouse.
2. I loved books.
3. I had very curly hair.
4. I was still an only child.

A Facebook User

1. lived in Illinois and Pennsylviana
2. was the last child my parents had
3. got hit in the hand by a baseball
4. learned how to snow sled


1. I began ballet lessons.
2. I began kindergarten.
3. I was a big sister to one brother.
4. I spoke with a Scottish accent.
5. I liked sleeping in our dog Suzy Q's bed, with or without her!
6. My nickname was Ginger.
~~andrea fisher
Mosaic Moments 2012 Design Team Member


I had a baby brother and several new cousins.
I enjoyed spending time with my grandparents.
I learned to ride a bike.

Amy Jo Maruschak

1. I had lived in 5 states! AZ, Co, FL, IN, and NM
2. I had 4 cavities because (according to my mom) my grandmother taught me to lick my finger, stick it in the sugar bowl and then lick the sugar off my finger! (Thanks Grandma! That was a lot of fun! And worth the cavities!)
3. I could out-pout any kids on the block. Bottom lip out and a perfect whine. (I can still do it, too, if provoked.)

Love this list!
-Amy Jo


1. I had lived in Missouri, Wyoming and Pennsylvania
2. I moved to Germany in the first group of military
dependents allowed after the end of WWII
3. That move was done on a ship still painted 100% in
horrible military khaki green and had NO "luxury"
anywhere. To a 4 yr old it was mind numbing.
4. I already had my second cocker spaniel, all named
Chipper, because we always had to leave them behind
when Dad transferred.
5. I had permed curly blond hair and everyone tried to
call me Shirley :-)

Great way to help bring back memories.

A Facebook User

I had 9 older sisters and brothers, lived in a small town and had several neices and nephews older or the same age as me

Becky Rippel

1. I was a cousin.
2. I was a big sister.
3. I had lived in Texas, Florida & Iowa.
4. I had the neatest glider in the whole wide world and my daddy made it for me!!

Tina Kain

1) moved from one side of the US to the other. Flordia to Washington
2) gained a brother
3) had 4 cousins that I played with all the time
4) would drive to Oregon to my Grandparents every other weekend

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Before 5..
1) Youngest of 6 siblings
2) Liked barbies, troll dolls, stuffed animals
3) Blonde hair, fair skin
4) Got car sick on long trips
5) Went to Florida each summer for vacation or to the Lake of the Ozarks.

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