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When I was young, we didn't have anyone to plow the driveway, so we had to park at the end of the driveway and walk up to the house all winter long. It took forever to bring in the groceries.

My parents bought me a "big girl's" bike when I was in second grade. My teacher gave me an award for working so hard throughout the year and that was my reward.

My bus ride was 45 minutes each way to and from school. I was one of the first ones on and one of the last ones off each day.

Mindy Shirley

My mom and dad and I took a family road trip vacation every year. I used to hate the hours spent in the car driving to Texas or South Carolina, etc., but now I appreciate all of the places I traveled to.

I rode a school bus from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. I had to walk to school (or ride with my mother) after that until I could drive to school.

I never owned a bike. I preferred to walk if I needed to go somewhere.

I rode on an airplane when I was three. I don't remember the trip.

Libby Wiers

Things I remember about travel as a kid:
My parents ran a flower shop & greenhouse so we always had a utilitarian vehicle like a van besides a family car, usually a station wagon that could double for flower pickup and deliveries. I often rode with my Dad or the hired helper for those trips.
My grandparents lived in Bangor, about an hour away, so we often rode there to visit; sometimes I got carsick, so I wasn't a fan of road trips. My parents were too busy with the business for any extended trips until I was quite a bit older, but we did occasionally go camping.
The family had (still has) a camp that is only accessible by boat, so that was part of our summer transportation. It, too, was more functional than sporty - but we had camp neighbors with a fast boat for skiing. When I was 10, my Dad put a small motor on an big wooden rowboat so I could go visit friends across the small part of the lake or around into the next cove. Kids don't have that freedom today...
In second grade, they were planning to end passenger rail service into Bangor, so my Dad drove Mom and me to Newport to catch the train for a ride into Bangor before that service stopped. It took him lots longer to drive us there, go home, then come get us at my grandparents' the next day than the train ride took. But I still remember how excited I was to ride the train, walk to my grandfather's business for a ride to their house and get to stay overnight.
I always lived in town, so I had to walk to school from kindergarten on up. And it was a small enough town so that we kids were free to ride our bikes anywhere to visit friends or go to the library across town - just be home before dark!

Amy Jo Maruschak

Things I remember about travel as a kid:
1. We had a 1971 Ford LTD yellow with a white roof. That was our family car until 1984!
2. About once a year we made a 2-3 day drive from Clovis, NM to Ft. Wayne, IN to visit my grandmother. I think that's why I LOVE roadtrips!
3. In a very fun roadtrip when I was 15 my Mom and I drove from California to New Mexico to visit friends. Since I was missing school I had to read, outloud, "Julius Caesar". While we were driving. Also, we made a short detour to see the Grand Canyon (got a quick glimpse just before sunset) and another detour to see the house we lived in when I was born!
4. I have traveled to Spain, London, Paris, Roam, Germany, Venice, Milan, Scotland, Canada, and Mexico. But my favorite places to explore are right here in the U.S.A.!

Amy Paegel

We mostly walked to school, often with the Scheins.
My father walked a mile to Harvard Square, then took the subway, and walked the rest of the way to work. It had amazing health benefits.
I took the bus to the Square or elsewhere, and the subway if we were going anywhere in Boston. Sometimes that meant going all the way into town just to head back out again.
We walked to buy candy bars, to go to a friend’s house, even sometimes to do light grocery shopping. That’s how I got bit by a dog, accosted by icky exhibitionists, and whistled at by construction workers. We did it anyway.
Bike riding was mostly just for fun, not so much transportation. I remember when they repaved Brattle Street and it felt like this big, beautiful, smooth surface just for us to ride on. Ever after that, I’ve thought of its asphalt as “new” even though that was probably 1972 or something.

A Facebook User

When I was young I traveled by foot or by bike.
I lived acroos the street from school, so that was easy. We walked to the pink candy store which was about 6 blocks round trips, as a teenager, we walk downtown after school stopping at stores and "window shopping", even in the cold, we did it cause it was fun. For longer treks I would frequently ride my bike. When my husband and i started dating he would walk to my house which was a very long trek....I guess it was puppy love...

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. As a child I remember being car sick on long trips...so they put me up front! We took fun trips to the Lake of the Ozarks, Florida, and "the country" to see relatives. "The country" was only about an hour away. That was back before the interstate was built.
2. Always had a bike as a child. A bike was like my freedom! We did have to walk to dentist/doctor, local grocer and drugstore. I rode my bike until I learned to drive a car.
3. We roller skated on the side walks,streets and skating rinks.
4. Took a really cool road trip with my best friend and her family at age 12 in a Winnebago from Missouri to California. We stopped in every state to see sites.
5. Been in a lot of boats from the time I was very young til now mostly for fishing.
6. Had to ride the school bus K-10 then I was able to drive to school.
7. My first airplane ride was at age 7 to Florida with my oldest sister on a vacation.


* Town was close enough that we could ride our bikes there from our subdivision. It took an hour or more, but we always liked to do it – we felt like we were going somewhere important, going to town by ourselves.
* THE BUS. oh, Lordy, the bus. this could be a LONG paragraph but i’d rather not relive some of those memories… :shudder:
* my dad’s big orange van. see, back in the 80′s we didn’t wear seatbelts or care much about being “safe” in cars – that was for sissies. my dad had this old 1978 Dodge work van that was road cone orange, and it only had two seats – a driver and a passenger. the rest of the van was carpeted with remnants of forest green and red carpet he got from a job, and there were beanbags strewn about the back for us kids. it was literally a luxury to us as kids – we could sprawl out, bring our stuff… i have fond memories of those days, as CPS-friendly as that story sounds!
* going on vacation as a family, we always had a big car or van to ride in so we never had to sleep all scrunched up in a backseat. that was always nice! we never went anywhere that required flying, though – my mom refuses to get on an airplane to this day. i didn’t fly for the first time until i was 20!


How did you travel when you were a kid?
Once again a military brat who moved a lot..
1. By car when stateside, first one was a 1946 model unknown
2. By "repurposed" military ocean liner from NY to Germany when I was 4
3. By ocean liner from Germany to states when I was almost 7
4. By car again stateside..1957 Ford
5. Got my first bike for 7th birthday
6. By luxury ocean liner, the SS United States, from New York to Spain I was 10
7. Rode donkey in rural Spain
8. First airplane ride from Madrid to Palma de Majorica
for vacation when I was 12.
9. Transatlantic airplane flight from Madrid to New York when I was 13..no jets then...22 hr LOUD flight

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