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Libby Wiers

Well, I am waaayyy behind with scrapbooks, but winter memories I have preserved include:
1. March 1969, sophomore year in college, we had so much snow that they could not keep up and we had to slog across the piles to get to the cafeteria for meals and to classes; they had to get the National Guard to help clean out the road to my then boyfriend now husband's house and we couldn't get him all the way home for winter break but only to his great-aunt's; we could walk on the snowbank from the garage roof to the porch roof at home and the path looked more like a tunnel, and the front porch was completely buried. I took lots of pictures!
2. February vacation 2009, in North Conway, NH - most of the pictures are inside the condo - the kids and grandkids were all sick with colds/sore throats, and it had rained so skiing was out of the question.
3. Winter 2010, sledding with the boys in the backyard.

Amy Paegel

1. Joshua’s first time sledding (with Grandma and Grandpa near their house)
2. The first time we took “the baby” for a walk in the stroller (New Year’s Day 2002)
3. Papa teaching me to change a tire before I got my license
4. What Tucson looked like when it snowed here (!) last Feb
5. The time we had only one hour’s notice that we were going to Calif for Christmas
6. Joshua’s first award for academic achievement
7. Our three annual pizza parties (always in Jan)
8. The time it rained and flooded the Zoo so we had to postpone Joshua’s party
9. New Years Day party with the Zbojniewicz’s
10. Frost on the cars and roofs, and carpooling to school in mittens

Mindy Shirley

I'm not a big winter fan so I don't have a lot of layouts for winter (other than Christmas!). But the two I have completed are:

1. About five years ago we actually snow instead of ice, and I took pictures of the kids trying to sled down the street with their dad pulling them back up the hill and them playing with our black lab.
2. About six years ago we had an ice storm that knocked out our power, but luckily my dad had power and we spent the night at his house.

Tina Kain

I am a few years behind...UGH...
1996 Andrew first Christmans
1999 Evan first Christmas
2001 Andrew first skiing adventure
2002 Evan first skiing adventure
Every year since until 2008 I do a 2 page layout of teh ski season and ski resorts we have been to.

A Facebook User

Winter Memories
1. Kids played ice hockey and we had a tournament north of Chicago IL. Record low temps -20 the kids were throwing sm glasses of water in the air and it would turn to ice!!!
2. sleigh riding in childhood, the police blocked off an excellent hill, the neighborhood kids would meet, there was always a bonfire to stay warm (you won't see that in this day)
3. Outdoor ice hockey....freezing cold but there to cheer our boys on

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Winter Memories I have preserved on paper - only one comes to mind 2011 February snow w/dog playing in the yard.
Winter Memories I have preserved in my mind:
1. 2008 March snow storm at my first breast surgeon appointment, took forever to get home.
2. 2000 First year at new home and the lake froze over and I took pictures of my neighbor ice skating on it.
3. 1983 Snow "thunder storm" was snowed in for days!
4. 1970's sleigh riding on "Art Hill" in Forest Park.
5. Ice skating in the rain before the roof was placed over the rink.


1. Winter 1998-99. two weeks AFTER Christmas Break, we were still out of school. it just kept snowing… and snowing. one day, we actually went to school (40 mins away from home!) only to have them send us all back home an hour later because the weather was going to get worse. i got my license prior, but that year i learned how to drive in the snow!
2. General – building snow forts, snowmen, and ramps for our sleds in the backyard. laying in the snow listening to snowflakes hitting the ground and the stillness of the world. i miss being a kid, especially in winter!
3. Winter 2004. my first year in Texas. i was ABSOLUTELY MORTIFIED to wake up at 6AM on Valentine’s Day to the sounds of kids playing in the snow… I MOVED TO TEXAS TO GET AWAY AND IT FOLLOWED ME!!! there hasn’t been a winter i’ve been here since that it hasn’t snowed ….. (keeping my fingers crossed for 2012! no snow so far!)
4. Winter 1999-2000. i met my oldest son’s dad. lots of memories from that winter… when i think of winter in general, i think of that year – it was the last winter of my childhood.
5. Winter 2006-2007 in Ohio, Travis and i moved into our little house in town, and it was a very cozy place to be in late January-February when piles and piles of snow dumped on us!
6. General – laziness. not wanting to go anywhere because it’s too cold. being stuck inside and starting to get cabin fever. wearing long underwear on a daily basis to keep my chicken legs warm.
7. Winter 2000-2001. my oldest son Brodyn was born in December in the middle of a huge snowstorm – we slid through red lights all the way to the hospital because the roads were too icy to stop on! and after, being in our little old house in the middle of nowhere FREEZING HALF TO DEATH with our new baby. winter is not a fun time to be in an old farmhouse. i do NOT envy Laura Ingalls at all sometimes…
8. General – but since we’re on the topic of Laura Ingalls, every winter when i was a kid i always read the three Little House on the Prairie books that i owned. something about them surviving winters made me want to snuggle under a mountain of blankets and join them on their adventures! despite the fact that i hate winter, lol.
9. Winter 2009-2010 – a tree fell on my car. no literally. it was crazy! it snowed… and snowed… which it’s not supposed to do in Texas but it keeps forgetting… and so much snow piled on this old tree in my front yard that it snapped in half and fell on my car! also, that year i was moonlighting waiting tables and i was so mad that we had to drive home from the restaurant late Christmas Eve in a foot of snow and ice…
10. General – no matter how long i live (or where!), i will never forget the smell on the air in winter, the taste of freshly fallen snow and icicles, the sound of the crunch of snow underfoot and the still silence of the world, and the dazzling beauty of a perfect white new-snow morning


What winter memories have you preserved?
We are blessed in not having a lot of winter....but
1. both son and daughters first time in the snow as baby..toddles or whenever it finally happened
2. same with grandson and granddaughter
3. any snowmen built during childhood
4. son cub scout trip to snow
5. grandsons boy scout snow weekend camping trips
6. the records 3'+ of snow 3 years ago...highest before was 6"!!

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