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(1) Summer fruits
(2) Long hours of daylight
(3) Geckos running around on the house and sidewalk
(4) Lush St. Augustine grass
(5) Hibiscus blooming

Sarah Lewis

I miss:
-wearing flip flops
-longer days
-summer vacation (so I can sleep in later than 5 a.m.)
-flowers in my garden

Libby Wiers

Things I miss during winter:

1. Warmth (our house is one zone, so kept at 65 degrees)
2. Time at the cottage at the lake (we have to go by boat, and it is frozen over)
3. Evening daylight (I, too, dislike night driving)
4. Fresh-from-the-garden fruits & veggies
5. Vacation days with the grandsons (too busy during school season)
6. Being able to go in my car without having to scrape it off first


1. open windows
2. sunlight in the evening
3. blooming flowers
4. weeds
5. bird songs
6. Ice Cream at Bidingers
7. bare feet
8. road trips

~~andrea fisher
2012 Design Team Member

Tina Kain

This is a hard one as I love winter time...

1) driving home from work in daylight hours
2) garden vegtables
3) playing with the kids outside.
4) morning walks with my dog. I don't walk when it gets below 34 degrees. I feel a few years back on some black ice and still suffer hip pain. UGH.


Things I miss during winter:
1.bright early mornings - so much easier to get up
2.the great smell of summer evenings - flowers, grass etc
3.all the flowers blooming in yard
4.birds and butterfly's
5.ice cream cones on a hot day
6.visiting with all the neighbors as they walk by our yard


Things I miss during winter ...
1. Being able to sit outside
2. Going barefoot
3. Campfires
4. Flowers and leaves on the trees
5. Sun
6. Long days

A Facebook User

Things I miss during winter
2. camping
3. Swimming
4 suntan
5. playing outdoors with my grandkids

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Things I miss during winter:
1. Missouri tomatoes
2. Flowers and greenery in general
3. Leaving windows open in the house or car
4. Hummingbirds
5. Sitting on the deck

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