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Libby Wiers

My family today:
1. Loving husband who does too much for everyone
2. Elder son who is home today, gone tomorrow and back again - whenever and wherever work takes him
3. Younger son, wonderful daughter-in-law and 2 amazing, talented grandsons just three miles away.

A couple camera-phobes mean very few group shots; and I am too tech-challenged to figure out this early in the day how to upload a photo, even if I could locate one. LOL.

Sarah Lewis

My family today:
1. My great hubby
2. My wonderful son and daughter
3. My 2 darling cats
4. My daughter's horse (who lives at a barn down the road)

My sister surprised us at Christmas with a lovely portrait of our kids (she did it while I helped Tami and Kevin at CKC). Otherwise, I don't know when we had a family photo since my hubby hates having his pix taken and I am always the one with the camera!


My family today:
1. An amazingly caring and loving husband who cooks
2. A son serving in the U.S. Navy in Guam
3. A daughter living with her grandparents while going to college and working
4. A stubborn, elderly cat who is great at cuddling, as long as it is her idea
5. An energetic cat who barks, squeaks, plays catch and almost always comes when her mamma calls!

Tina Kain

My family today:
1) Married, August will be 20years to a wonderufl husband.
2) Oldest son 15 years old in 10th grade and has Type 1 Diabetes. So proud of how he has handled it since getting diagnosed a year ago.
3) Youngest son 12 years old and in 7th grade
4) The only other female in the house is by wonder dog Lacy who keeps me honest with taking daily walks.


My family today:
1. Awesome adult daughter who I own a home with so we can help take care of each other :-)
2. Son and daughter in law just a couple of miles down the road with my 13 yr. old grandson, in 8th grade.
3. Beautiful granddaughter 22, lives just a couple of miles down the road in the opposite direction. Is an full time insurance agent, goes to collage at night and comes here every weekend to help me with heavy cleaning chores....
4. Two incredible male Shih Tzu's Gizmo - 9 yrs old and Mini Mac 2 yrs old.
5. 2 kittens that dogs think are theirs - Pixal male 9 months and Kismet female 6 months

A Facebook User

My family
1. great husband of 34 years
2. 2 sons
3. 2 grandsons (the joy of my life)
4. too much testosterone

A Facebook User

1. 31 years with my man
2. 2 great sons
3. 1 great daughter-in-law
4. 1 darling grand daughter
5. 3 fur babies

Julie Miller-Oconnor

My family today
1. Married 24+ years.
2. One 22 y/o son, 3 grown/married step daughters, and 9 almost 10 beautiful grandkids.
3. One crazy boston terrier!
4. Too many beautiful things to mention.

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