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Sherry Cowan

This morning I "faxed" an important paper to a co-worker that needed a copy in her hands right at that moment! So nice to have instead of waiting 7 days before Mr. Mailman could get it to her :-)

Do we take these electronics for granted nowadays?

A Facebook User

I got up to fresh brewed coffee that grinds the coffee beans and then perks while i was sleeping, I emailed friend news, posted pics on facebook to share with family and friend. I relaxed in my recliner and paid bills from my laptop. I cut diecuts from my cricut

Sarah Lewis

So far today (it is only 8 a.m. on the west coast), I got up when I noticed my digital clock said it was 7:18 (we are having another snow day). Collected garbage in plastic grocery bags, scooped the cat box and drug the garbage can to the street for a hopeful pickup today. I took my Netflix envies to the mailbox and picked up my newpapers. Came in and got my fresh brewed coffee and helped unload the dishwasher before sitting down at the computer to see what is up with email and facebook. I am already tired--maybe I should go back to bed.....

Cherri Simon

Today I overslept because my alarm clock didn't go off. I cooked my breakfast in the oven, watched my husband clear the driveway of snow that drifted in overnight, packed my bag, and made a note on facebook.

Mindy Shirley

Today I . . .
Made a single cup of coffee in my Keurig.
Made my breakfast in the microwave.
Drove my car to the MetroLink to get to work.
Checked FB, two e-mail accounts, and other assorted websites on my home computer and work computer.
Sent e-mails to my boss who is out of the office today.
Played Words With Friends on my cell phone.

Libby Wiers

Today I ...
- Was awakened early by the cordless phone by my bed
- Called a plumber and the maintenance guy about a broken pipe in an apartment (I manage property...) before 7 a.m.
- Made tea with my Keurig coffee maker
- Spent the morning going from office phone to house phone and retrieving voice mails when I couldn't switch quickly enough (I work mostly from home...)
- Thawed turkey soup for lunch in my microwave


Today I ...
1. Woke up via the cordless phone, but I managed to find it before it went to voicemail.
2. Made oatmeal and took my pills and vitamins
3. Checked my e-mail, blogs, Facebook and Pinterest
4. Watched part of "The Price is Right" on television
5. Went back to bed (I'm not feeling well)

Beth Glass

Today I....
Called my Mom
Had lunch with a friend who is going through a hard time
Thought about all my unfinished projects
Reminded my husband that tonight was "girl's night out!"


TODAY I… used my iPhone to make phone calls, send text messages, check my email, check the weather, read the Bible and play a quick game. i really don’t know what i would do without it!
TODAY I… wore skinny jeans, a hooded sweatshirt, and slip on sweater shoes. it’s a lazy day for me!
TODAY I… played a game of Firefight on Halo: Reach on my Xbox 360 with a friend, via the Internet, and we were able to chat while we played using microphone headsets.
TODAY I… let my little man watch Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues via Netflix on my Macbook. Netflix is awesome.
TODAY I… am working on a crochet project {super secret! photos soon!}
TODAY I… am surprised that it is 78 degrees in the middle of January! and subsequently kicked myself when i left the house for wearing a hoodie and sassypants (big long socks) because it is warmer outside than it is inside!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Today I woke to a phone call at 12:30 a.m.from my son letting us know our grandson Jackson Patrick had arrived. Yeh! Tried to go back to sleep but was too excited.

Today I woke again at about 5 a.m. no work today. Yeh!

Today I had coffee, made a fire in wood stove, did some chores then at Noon went to hospital to see Granson! He is beatiful, very small 5#5oz/19", healthy! Yeh!


1.I got up early for the first time since being snowed in
2.I spent over an hour getting the 12'+ of snow off car
3.Got cleaned up and headed out for Dr appointments.
4.Hit ice half way up hill and had to get back down
5.More ice at bottom and I got stuck in the MIDDLE of the road.
6. Six neighbors came to help..took almost an hour to get it pushed over to curb.
7. 2 hours later AAA was able to get here and tow it the two blocks to my driveway...
8. All this happened in pouring rain and temp well above freezing...our frozen snow & ice refuse to melt
9. Cancelled all appointments for day..numbers 6,7,& 8 for the week that had to be cancelled :-(

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