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Amy Paegel

1. Made phone calls for my father
2. Found old Kleenex in my pockets (as my mother would have)
3. Got Joshua to “sleep in” until 6:45am
4. Laughed (yes, out loud) at a FB post about ieps
5. Put on the radio to keep me company

Amy Jo Maruschak

Today I...
1. Slept an hour later than usual.
2. Scrapbooked!
3. Worked on cleaning out kids school papers/keepsakes.

Later I will...
4. Meet up with my husband and take the kids to see the Future Cities displays at the library.
5. Have a fan family dinner at Subway.
6. Enjoy time with girlfriends at a Pampered Chef party!

Mindy Shirley

Today I
1. Picked up the house for the cleaning lady
2. Dropped my son off at school
3. Rode the Metro to work
4. Went to the gym at lunch

Later I will
5. Ride the Metro home
6. Stop by a Tastefully Simple/Thirty-One open house party
7. Attend the Varsity Boys Basketball game to watch my daughter cheer
8. Sleep

Beth Glass

Today, I....
1. Spoke to my Mom about her upcoming birthday plans.
2. Went to work.
3. Got my hair cut (and colored) at lunch time, then had delicious take out from the BBQ Restaurant in town.
4. Returned phone calls, answered emails and placed orders.
Later, hopefully will have a family dinner and possible movie night. A typical Friday!

Libby Wiers

Today I:
1. Had fruit and blueberry muffin (made by my husband) for breakfast.
2. Got the checks written to pay the bills for work (and my husband, who came home early due to the snow storm, took them to the mail). Do I know how lucky I am?? YES!
3. Finished the 1099 & 1096 Forms to be mailed tomorrow when the weather clears.
4. Had salad with tuna served by my husband for lunch.
5. Spent time with a new computer game (I love the free downloads, even if I do have to wait for ads) and a cup of tea.
Next up: happy hour (which we save for special occasions), dinner and maybe a movie by the fire in the living room.

Gotta love a snow day!

Sarah Lewis

I worked for 1/2 a day
I wore my 1980 track hoodie for 80's day
I took my son for a haircut
I am going to take my daughter's horse to the vet for laser therapy
I am enjoying my latte

A Facebook User

Today I
Got up and had a cup of coffee, then off to a long day of work.
On the way home, I stopped at Steak and Shake for a quick supper
Now I'm relaxing, wrapped up in my fuzzy owl blanket

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Today I:
1. Got to sleep after midnight after being on call
2. Got up again 4 hours later to go back to work
3. Got gas at a new station for $3.25/gal took short nap
4. Cleaned out wood stove, took out trash, got wood made fire, walked dog, cooked pork chops, fried potatoes and cream corn for dinner. Waited for hubby to get home.
5. On couch w/dog/spouse and warm blanket. Anticipating seeing Jackson and Lilly Saturday.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Today I:
1. Went to bed after midnight from being on call for work.
2. Got back up in 4 hours to go back to work.
3. Got gas at a new station $3.25/gal, took short nap.
4. Cleaned out wood stove, took out trash, got wood, walked dog, made fire.
5. Cooked baked pork chops, fried potatoes, cream corn for dinner.
6. Wait for hubby to get home.
7. Currently on couch w/dog and hubby relaxing w/blanket.


Today I....
1. started day a little slow due to poor quality sleep.
2. drove 45 min. to a Super Wal-Mart.
3. spent 2+ hrs.. monthly shopping, comparing prices & researching items for a craft project.
4. drove 30 min. to shop at an independent scrapbook store.
5. drove 1 hour back to my area stopped at butcher shop and pharmacy.
6. unloaded FULL car, checked e-mail and crashed....


1. Got up at the usual time, got Kellan some Cheerios and turned on Sesame Street. It’s our morning routine :)
2. Took a nap and hated myself for it later. I got absolutely nothing accomplished!
3. Had to clean up the worst poopy-diaper blowout mess EVER. (sorry TMI!) He decided he was gonna flip over front-first into the dirty diaper right after I unfastened it. THEN he decided to grab a handful on the way back up. Needless to say, me, him, his clothes and the carpet were a disaster.
4. Put the finishing touches on the Cookie Monster cupcakes for Little Man’s birthday – with help from Ryan, Kris & Amber!!
5. Made microwave french-bread pizza and corn for dinner. I was feeling lazy after said nap.
7. After all the kids were tucked snugly in their beds, I finished up Episode IV and played half of Episode V of Lego Star Wars – my guilty pleasure for the day! (And a guilty reward for someone who took so many naps! Boo :( )

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Sorry for 2nd post...don't know what happened.

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