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Tina Kain

I "Heart"
1) my Pioneer Woman Cookbook
2) Grandma's cookbook'
3) my chopping block that was in my Mom's house
4) all my storage

Mindy Shirley

I heart

-my new Sock Monkey cookie jar

-my Keurig coffee maker--can't live without my coffee

-my Ninja blender--can't live without our smoothies!

-my canisters that hold sugar, flour, etc.--they remind me of my mom's kitchen

Sarah Lewis

I "heart" my
Keuring coffee maker
Instant hot water dispenser
Large kitchen island
Window at my sink that looks out to my back yard (helps make dishwashing more pleasant)
Desk & computer located in the kitchen!!


In my kitchen I "heart"

1. Our wall of cookbooks
2. My Bosch mixer
3. The new cabinets and drawers
4. Polka dot curtins
5. The KitchenAid Pro Mixers
6. My live-in Chef (my daughter!)
7. The open-ness

~~andrea fisher
Mosaic Moments 2012 Design Team Member


In my kitchen I heart
1. Wall mural backstop showcasing New Orleans cooking
2. My huge island I waited 40 years to finally have
3. Computer in kitchen
4. Under the counter mounted, drop down TV, radio CD/DVD
player my daughter gave me for new kitchen
5. Under the counter mounted, drop down knife rack my
son gave me 20 yrs ago and the only thing I had
uninstalled from old and reinstalled in new kitchen
6. All the clutter on the counters that says we live

Libby Wiers

In my kitchen I 'heart'
1. my freezer on the bottom, double door refrigerator
2. my grandmothers' recipes
3. pull-out pantry shelves
4. stacking washer & dryer
5. husband who likes to cook - and does!

A Facebook User

1. my convection oven
2. owl decorations
3. fresh coffee

Amy Jo Maruschak

In my kitchen I "heart"
1. Clean counters (because they are so rare...)
2. A cinnamon scented candle
3. My morning coffee.


My toaster that sings Winnie the Pooh
Fiesta dishes
Bright colors
a jar of oatmeal
Chicken dish towels

A Facebook User

*always a mess because I'm busy in it
*fresh bread a bakin'
*sink full of veggies needing cleaning from the garden
*tea pot a whisltin' and two cups waiting for a good friend to come a visitin'

Julie Miller-Oconnor

In my kitchen I heart:
1. counter where friends/grandkids gather
2. coffee anytime
3. pantry and lots of cabinets and counter space
4. laundry room right off the kitchen
5. collection of favorite cook books/recipes

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