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Sherry Cowan

Winter in Austin, Texas brings...

1. Snowbirds.... people the live in other places that realize how nice and warm it is here so they travel down for the next few months.

2. Funny looks... but we still break out the flip-flops and are quite comfy.

3. Bye Bye Fire Ants... they tend to go a little deeper down in the ground and we don't miss the mean stings that they leave.

4. Random decorated cedar trees by the side of the highway.... mysteriously decorated by caring strangers.

5. Speaking of Cedar Trees.... UUUUUGGGGHHH! Cedar Fever! Just live here for a couple of years and you will probably come to it's demise... Aaaachooooo!


Winter in Redmond, Washington brings..

1.Unending weather surprises...we get comfortable dry days in the low 50's, rain and wind in the 40's and a few rare days of snow and lows in the teens.

2.Unending layers of clothes because we can start a day in the 20's and end in the 50's after lunch

3.The very few insects we have bees and wasps are all gone in the winter :-)

4.Crisp clear air because of high winter breezes that move fireplace smoke and vehicle exhaust away

5.Lots of fireplaces and wood burning stoves for a cold night comfort.

6. Unending cancelled flights because the planes can't get here..stuck in the midwest or east by their bad winter storms

Libby Wiers

Winter in St. Albans, Maine brings:
1. COLD days and lots of heavy coats, hats, mittens, boots
2. lots of snow (well, not this year, but usually)
3. icy roads
4. children hoping for 'snow days' (for those in warmer places, this means that school is cancelled due to snow storm)
5. the chance to go out on snowshoes - we have friends who groom trails in their woods
6. more days to stay inside and read by the fire

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Ted Drews (local frozen custard) closes for winter that is after he sells fresh cut christmas trees.
2. No mosquitos, etc.
3. Christmas Shopping in the Ozarks/Branson outlet malls.
4. Our Lady of the Snows winter light display.

A Facebook User

winter in my hometown
1. pj crop!!!
2. some snowy days
3. cold weather

Mindy Shirley

Winter means

1. Usually ice instead of snow--not sure why.
2. No boat.
3. Some random warm days just because it's weather in St. Louis--wait five minutes if you don't like it because it will change.
4. Countdown to Cardinals baseball.

Tina Kain

1) some winter it brings snow
2) other winters in brings ice like this year
3) skiing
4) shop time by the wood stove cuddle up with a blanket and good book to read.
5) snoozes by the wood stove on teh coucc cuddled up in a blanker

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