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Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Loved making Valentines boxes as a child. It was fun to receive cards and candy hearts. The room Mother would bring cupcakes, cookies and drinks. All parties were fun in grade school.
2. In later years my Mom would have something special when I got home from school.
3. The early years with my husband - he used to cut out the "Love Is" from the newspaper throughout the year. I miss those. For Valentines Day for years he bought little gold charms to go on a charm necklace...remember those? He has also bought candy, roses and jewelry. When the kids were little we would cook together, decorate the house, make cards for family members and celebrate at home.
4. Currently, make sure the Grand Kids have something small for each one.
5. My husband and I usually exchange cards and have quiet dinner somewhere.

Libby Wiers

1. I remember the fun we had in grade school, decorating boxes, counting our valentines (and the disappointment when there were fewer than the number of kids in class...) and having fancy cupcakes at the party.
2. My parents, well probably my mother, always had a card for us to kick off the day.
3. Jr. High and High school, the holiday was more of a drag, since I was a bit of a wallflower and never had anyone special to celebrate it with - except girlfriends in the same boat.
4. I met my husband early in college, so those years were much better. We'd trade cards, but no gifts as we were poor college students.
5. Gifts have never been the highlight, but cards that say how much we still love each other - going on 42 years! And making it fun for the kids until they got older enough to protest (boys are not always such a fan!). Sometimes a quiet, romantic dinner out. Or, Mike makes valentine shaped cookies to pass around.

Amy Jo Maruschak

I don't really have any strong memories of Valentines Days except for one... The first Valentine's Day when my husband and I were dating. He sent me a dozen roses and a huge heart box of Lindt chocolate truffles. These all arrived at my work, so everyone saw it. It was pretty cool and made me feel very special.

A Facebook User

Be my valentine

1. In grade school we always made special Mailboxes for our valentines
2. In high school, my high school sweetheart would always get me a stuffed animal
3. Now that same sweetheart treats me with chocolate covered strawberries..mmmm
4. I love to get special gifts for my grandsons, they are my valentine

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