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Andrea Fisher

My brain is too fried from the chocolate fest today to think of a list, I just wanted to say you touched a nerve with type...I remember the first sheet of Lettraset letters (the rub-ons before scrappers used them!) I bought on a trip with my Dad into the artist supply store. I carried around the catalog for years and would dream of using everyone of them...think some of the first sheet is still kicking around too! Learned to calligraph too, because I loved making letters pretty. Thanks for the memory jolt!

Amy Jo Maruschak

I don't know if I have any great wisdon to share... but here are some scrapbooking tid-bits:

1. 3 colors for a layout usually work well.

2. Mosaic Moments page kits often use 4 colors and I love them! I guess you don't have to count the background 12X12 sheet as one of the three colors from #1 above.

3. When (double or triple) matting photos make so that they show different widths. Like one shows 1/8 inch all around and the next shows 1/4 inch all around. It looks cool and really makes your picture stand out!

Been out with the kids all day today and my brain is tired.... (And so are my feet!!) I'm sure I know a little bit more about scrapbooking, but that's all I can think of right now!


Create a list of trivia and/or tips about a skill you have learned... At my age I have to try and think if it is a skill I have just learned or if it is one I finally remember again :-)
1. Learned to use a couple of new keys on my Cricut.
2. Learned to use a laminating machine for first time - based on results I still have more to learn or need a better machine
3. Learned a fun new recipe for a slow cooker lasagna
4. Learned I can survive with less sleep than I like

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