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Julie Miller-Oconnor

I totally agree with Tami! Here are some of my issues:
1. Scrapbooking supplies - need I say more! When tempted by all that is new, slightly different or shiny, I have to ask myself "how many times will I really use this?" Think my biggest issue is paper. Finally, have gone through some stacks and taken out the 3-5 pieces I really want and donate the rest. If I don't use it - it has to be donated:)
2. Magazines - scrapbooking, beading and general ones. I do not keep any of them. After reading I donate or recycle them. I scan any pages I want to keep with my portable scanner. (It's a cheap one from Best Buy. Works great!)
3. Mail - junk/mail can take over the world. As it comes in I shred it or put it in recycling bin. Just found out that office max does shredding of private documents for ~.75/pound.
4. Gas prices - Yuk! I have to drive 30" to go anywhere, so I try to consolidate trips. If I want to go somewhere in St. Louis I pick a day I other things to do in that area. If I need to shop in Festus I wait till after work since I'm already there.

Libby Wiers

Things that have stacked up at our house:
1. Magazines - I finally let most of them run out because I couldn't keep up. But I do save some articles from Creating Keepsakes to refer to later.
2. Books - we are all readers, do use the library and our Nooks, but book bargains are hard to resist and I still have books from my mother's to read - they are literally piled everywhere because the book shelves are full.
3. Videos & CDs - we have stopped buying videos and rent more now as we rarely watch multiple times; cds go on the iPod, but the originals are piled on a shelf.
4. Craft supplies - tote bags pile up in the dining room, where they get dropped after a crop; several knitting or cross stitch projects are by my chair, I think I have a short attention span... and we won't even talk about my craft room.
5. Tote bags - one or two for every group or club I am involved in, all over the house.
Good thing my husband is a patient man!

A Facebook User

Things that are stacked up at our house
1. Toys...the grandkids have a room full
2. Scarpbook supplies..never have enough
3. embroidery, sewing projects
4. purses love to buy, love to make
5. shoes especially flip flops

Amy Paegel

- extra schoolwork for Joshua to do “when there’s time”
- alternative teaching supplies for Joshua
- art projects to do together with Joshua
- scrapbook stash and unscrapped photos
- toys, games and puzzles
- Matt’s hats
- My flipflops
- recipes cut out from magazines and newspapers
- snack foods
- dog toys

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