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Libby Wiers

Most Romantic Memories
1. Long time ago... I was sick in bed on St. Patrick's Day (my great-grandmother was from Ireland) and Mike brought me a biscuit with green-colored butter to go with my tea.
2. Whenever either of us goes on a trip alone, we find notes tucked in our suitcase and/or cards on our pillow when we return.
3. For many years, I got coral-colored roses (like the ones at our wedding) on our anniversary, one for each year we'd been married. We are nearly always at the lake at that time of year, so he finally had to quit as there were too many to cart in there by boat. I still get a lovely card and dinner out sometime around the date; it's been nearly 42 years!
4. When I first began attending GFWC International Conventions, Mike would order flowers to arrive in my room a day or two after I got there - just to say he missed me. That got too expensive as the economy slowed... but I still find notes in my suitcase.


I don't have a lot to match the wonderful memories you ladies have had, but I think the most romantic thing my husband has done is continued to call me every day at lunch time for the past 28 years. He might not be big on shows of affection, but that call every day tells me that he is thinking about me....

Julie Miller-Oconnor

I don't have anything in particular that sticks out that I haven't already posted...maybe except one. In 2008 the week of Valentines Day I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So before my bilateral mastectomy and chemo he took me to the Keys for unplanned vacation. A much needed one at that!

A Facebook User

My outstanding memory...Our 30th wedding anniversary, A 11 day cruise thru the panama canal, A lot of relaxation and much needed fun and get away and needless to say but an awesome experience....

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