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Julie Miller-Oconnor

As a child we would walk to Velvet Freeze an ice cream parlor w/a huge replica of an ice cream cone outside. I would order bubble gum, chocolate chip, heavenly hash or sherbet. Never liked cherry or grape anything as a child - would only eat green or lemon lime flavored stuff. Today some of my favorites:
1. Chocolate says it all!
2. Cinnamon
3. Tiger's Blood flavor snow cone - don't know what's in it?
4. Cherry flavoring in fountain sodas.
5. Coconut
6. Still like green koolaid and lemon lime flavorings
7. Almond milk no flavor or chocolate
8. Peaches, and peach flavored vodka mixed w/blood orange italian soda :)

A Facebook User

When I was young my sister made home made ice cream, always different flavors
1. Banana....I have carried on the tradition of homemade ice cream but my family insists on vanilla, then we can add our own fruit
2. strawberry
3. orange sherbert
4. chocolate

Amy Jo Maruschak

My favorite flavors:

1. Daquari Ice from Baskin Robbins!!
2. Vanilla. The vanilla-er the better!
3. Mango slushies from QT. Mmmmmm!
4. And limeades from Sonic. I've always liked margaritas, maybe that's why I like the limeades?

Beth Glass

1. Chocolate....anything chocolate is fine by me!
2. Coffee...mmmm
3. Hazelnut...Nutella...aaahhhh
4. Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry are ok too.
5. Did I say chocolate??

Libby Wiers

My favorite flavors:
1. As a little girl, one of my favorite things for special occasions was my aunt's date squares - still love dates.
2. chocolate
3. apricots
4. SHARP cheddar
5. anything salty - nuts, chips, crackers...
5. dill
6. chili powder
7. margaritas - with salt
8. soy sauce
Some sweet things tickle my taste buds, but I'm more a savory sort of person.


I love ice cream -- even in the winter. I prefer kinds with lots of chocolate pieces, nuts and/or fruit added to it. I love to add cashews or pecans and bananas to my bowl and to top it off with whipped cream, too.

Some of my favorite flavors are:
1. Anything with nuts
2. Anything with caramel
3. Anything with maple
4. Mackinac Island Fudge
5. Mint Chocolate Chip


* Mint. anything and everything mint, preferably peppermint but definitely NOT spearmint. it’s my favorite flavor AND scent.
* Chocolate. nuff said.
* Coffee. any kind, iced or hot. i’m down.
* Raspberry/Blackberry. my dad started this one with blackberry picking when i was a kid.
* Beef. is that allowed? lol. i love beef in all its many forms – especially stroganoff
* BACON. baconbaconbaconbaconbacon. i love bacon. especially if mayonnaise is touching it. i actually thought to make a bacon and mayo casserole once. yeah i know it’s gross. and prob REALLY bad for you. but i’d eat it


My favorite flavors:
1. diet coke..always..anytime
2. lemon ice cream
3. peach ice cream - especially Tillamook, but I hagve to drive a few hundred miles to get it
4. Baked Lays, regular flavor
5. Doritos, original
6. chocolate...milk only
7. chocolate covered cherries from See's

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