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Libby Wiers

A few facts about our BIG family:
1. Mike and I are both the oldest of three children.
2. We each have a sister and a brother.
3. My siblings have no children, his brother has two girls, we have two boys - family gatherings aren't large and the cousins aren't real close even though we all live in nearby communities (is that the girls/boys thing or the fact that the boys are older?)
4. We both knew at least one great-grandparent and all of our grandparents, families that lived close enough for Sunday dinners.
5. Both of us had grandfathers who were dairy farmers and fathers who loved to garden - can you say 'fresh veggies'?
6. Both of our mothers loved to sew and cook - now I sew (or I used to before going back to work) and he cooks!


A few facts about our BIG (or not so big) family:
1. Both of our families are small, although our parents all came from large families.
2. Nearly all of our grandparents died before our kids had a chance to get to know them.
3. Our parents are very close with their grandchildren -- including caring for them before they were old enough to go to school.
4. Both of our parents enjoy gardening. Matt & I are going to try it for the first time this spring.
5. Both of our parents jump anytime we need them. They bring us meals and shovel snow when we are sick, among many other things.
6. All of our parents were raised, at some point in their lives, with chickens. Matt & I are considering raising chickens this year.
7. Both of our fathers are handy around the house and can figure out how to fix almost anything.
8. Both of our mothers can sew and can -- things I, unfortunately, cannot do.

Tina Kain

Our family.....
1) There are just 2 of us in my family, my brother and I. My hisband is the 3rd child of4 children, 3 boys 1 girl.
2) My husbands sibing all have 2 kids each. My brother has no kids, in his 40's and never married.
3) My parents are divored his parents celebrated 50 plus years.
4) my parents are both living, his have both passed.
5) We both grew up in big cities in the Northwest.

Mindy Shirley

Our Family:

1. We both come from small families. I have two older sisters. He has one younger brother.

2. His mom passed away when he was 18 months old, but his step mom is like his "real" mom.

3. We both grew up in the same small town.

4. We attended high school together.

5. Both of our fathers are handy around the house.

6. Both of our mothers stayed at home when we were litle but then worked after we started attending school.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Our Family:
1. Ted has one younger sister, I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers (one deceased). He is the oldest, I'm the youngest.
2. Both our fathers died young.
3. We both grew up in Missouri. He live in rural area and I in St. Louis County.
4. Ted grew up on a farm, I did not.
5. When we married I had an instant family of 3 daughters (who are just wonderful)! We have a son together. All of the children are married. We have 10 grandkids.
6. His Mother worked after her Husband died. My Mother stayed home. He knew his Grandparents on both sides. My Maternal Grandfather (Grandmother died when my Mom was a teenager) and Paternal Grandmother (Grandfather died when my Father was a teenager) were the only Grandparents I've known.
7. We both love Missouri tomatoes and ate them on sandwiches as a child.

Amy Paegel

1. We are both 1 of 2 siblings: both brothers on Matt’s side, both sisters on my side
2. Our son is the only grandchild. Both of our siblings remain unmarried.
3. We have out-of-town cousins we see only once in a while – by airplane.
4. Both mothers were used to hosting family gatherings on holidays.
5. Both fathers had big 9-to-5 office careers, but consciously limited them so they could be home more.

A Facebook User

Yes, we definitely marry families
Jake was quite overwelmed with my 5 sister, 4 brothers and 30 neices and nephews. I was the youngest of 10, he was the youngest of 4...1 sister and 2 brothers. When we married he had 1 neice and 1 nephew. My parents were the same age as his grandparents!! We lived in a small town, and met at a local restaurant where my mother was a cook, and he washed dishes, I eventually became a waitress. My mother thought he was "wonderful" and at age 17 I couldnt believe whe wanted me to date some one 1 year younger....lol...he was my soulmate and we have been married 34 years..and very close to both sides of the families

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