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I heart:
1. Shirley Temple....when I was young I loved to watch Shirley Temple movies, and I still do. They are rarely on tv any more. Christmas 2010 my husband bought me a boxed set of most of her movies, some I had never seen. It was very toughtful, so now on lazy days I can pop in her movie
2. Always loved to roller skate and taught both my sons very young, both skated in ice hockey, but now I"m scared to skate amd miss that, afraid I'll fall and break a bone
3. My family made homemade banana ice cream delicious, now I make homemade icecream but my family hates banana so its always vanilla. I think this summer I"m gonna make a batch for myself......but thats a lot to eat alone!!

Libby Wiers

1. Snoopy & the gang still provide thoughtfulness and laughter in re-runs.
2. Winnie the Pooh - especially Eeyore - my husband bought me a stuffed Eeyore for Christmas the last time we were at Disney World
3. Coffee ice cream - a favorite then and now, though I watch how much I eat...
4. Pink Canada mints, chocolate Necco wafers, Circus peanuts, peach blossoms, Mary Janes - most are rarely found anymore - or maybe because I avoid sugar I just don't look in the right places.
5. Root beer floats were a great treat on a hot summer day
6. Ozzie & Harriet and Donna Reed were two favorite TV shows - are they even on the oldies channels anywhere?

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. I like school work? Really, if I had the money I would get my Masters.
2. Crayons and coloring - still like to color with the grandkids.
3. Chocolate chip ice cream - the slivered kind no chunks.
4. Ben Franklin candy - still love to pick out old favorites - indian pumpkin seeds, swedish fish, juju bees, jaw breakers and licorice snaps.
5. The Olympics - skiing, skating, bob sled, gymnastics, etc. Started watching in the early 1970's and haven't stopped.
6. Pepsi

Mindy Shirley

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie--the old cartoon. I love it! I have it on DVD.

2. Barbies--I was so excited when my daughter was old enough to play with them.

3. Legos. I loved building things with them. Still do!

4. Hot Wheels. I collected them and played with them on the stairs to the basement of our house.

5. Homemade ice cream. I just bought a mini one so I can have that taste over and over again.

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