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1. Flying around with jet packs on our backs
2. Living on the moon
3. space cars like on the Jetsons

Libby Wiers

I guess I'm a real doubter without enough imagination, hard to think of what I can't imagine. :)
1. Time travel - not in my lifetime, but I suppose that's what Jules Verne thought back in the day about traveling deep into the ocean...
2. Living on the moon or another planet - and yet who would have thought 60 years ago that the space station would be reality?
3. World Peace - if only neighbors could get along and spread it into wider circles... I'll keep hoping and praying.


1. travel to other planets for everyone
2. an affordable, high mileage, NO maintenance car
3. time travel
4. a solution for no more traffic jams

Amy Paegel

1. Cars that hover off the ground, or that drive themselves.
2. A cure for the common cold.
3. The end of flies, ants, mosquitoes or cockroaches
4. Monkees randomly typing Shakespeare

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. I agree with Libby - World peace!
2. Computers that don't crash.
3. Cure for cancer.

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