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Leap Year
1. Today I am off, so I will spend my extra day cleaning and hopefully do some crafting
2. People born today are called leaplings or leapers
3. Women may propose to men
4. Folklore says that things grown in leapyear grows backwards (whatever that means
5. If we didnt have leap year our seasons would change
6. To be a leap year the year must be divisible by 4

Cherri Simon

LEAP in to Spring
a LEAP of faith
LEAP for joy

Amy Jo Maruschak

1. LEAP into Spring
2. LEAP for more time in my WEEK - if only leap-year worked that way!
3. Jumping and LEAPing - Gymnastics page
4. LEAPING Leopards - playing with our "pet" leopard on Kinectimals (a big change in our house to have video games this year!)
5. LEAP into Kindergarten
6. The LEAPyear in Review - I always like to do a year in review page, where my favorite pictures that didn't make it on my other theme pages can go.

Libby Wiers

Leap phrases that might be page titles:
1. Leaping lizards (pictures from St. Maarten of our little visitors)
2. Leap into spring (maybe Easter pictures)
3. Leap Year (pictures from today’s district show chorus competition and my grandson’s solo - he’s the pirate king)

Julie Miller-Oconnor

All I could think of was already taken. My son got married yesterday...they wanted to married on leap year.

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