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Amy Jo Maruschak

My fears when I was a kid:
1. I was 6 or 7 when the batteries leaked in my cassette player and my older brother told me the battery acid would eat through my skin. I sepnt the rest of the evening worrying that the skin on my fingers was going to dissolve!
2. Something with hands under my bed... I used to jump of my bed and RUN when I had to get up in the middle of the night. I imagined something with hands under my bed waiting to grab my ankles!
3. I once had a nightmare that there was a huge spider in my bed. I woke up my dad to come find it and he brought a small tissue to kill it with. I watched in fear as he pulled back the covers to search for the giant spider and worried that the tissue was way to small to be effective at killing the giant beast. Of course, he didn't find a spider, but I refused to go back to sleep in my bed. So, my exhausted father spent the rest of the night in my bed and I slept with my mom that night. Still I worried that my dad would be bitten by the giant spider in my bed!

remembering these fears makes me wonder what fears are in my childrens' heads...

Sarah Lewis

My dad worked part time as a doctor at the Oregon State Hospital (mental hosptial). We got to live in a beautiful house on the grounds but down the street was a locked gate, which lead to the State Prison! When ever there was a prison break, I was always fearful the escapee was going to come and get me. Thankfully, we only lived there for 2 years.

My other fear was scary movies--I would go hide in the bathroom when the scary parts came on. I still don't really like horror movies.

I am a nurse, so real life blood, etc don't bother me. Just movie horror!

Amy Paegel

Once I watched a Twilight Zone episode where these wax figures came to life and stalked the characters like zombies walking… gave me nightmares all the rest of that year. I think we watched it at a friend’s house in Long Beach, CA.

Mindy Shirley

I hated scary movies when I was younger and I still don't care for them. I watched Poltergeist and there was a tree outside of my bedroom window like in the movie--it scared me to death some nights.

I was always afraid to get up in the middle of the night because I thought someone would grab my ankles from under the bed when I got up.

Spiders. I have always hated them.

Crickets in our basement--they would make noise and would jump up so high. Yuck!

Libby Wiers

1. I was afraid of dogs. I'd been nipped at with a growl as a very little girl, although not actually bitten that I remember. Even now, I have to get to know a dog before I'm less than leery...
2. Spiders, still!!! I went to a hunting camp with my dad when I was 6 or 7, which was a great treat, and woke up in the top bunk in the morning to see a VERY large spider on my pillow. I shrieked and dove off the bed, lucky to have a quick dad as he caught me. He used a broom to kill the spider that had leaped onto the curtain. Now I still avoid them, but will kill one when I am home alone, rather than wonder where it went.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Afraid of the basement and or the dark as a child. No specific reason just used to check under my bed every night. As an adult I still don't go in the basement after dark if my husband isn't home unless I have to. Still don't like the dark - to walk alone, parking lots, etc. at night.
2. I was the youngest of 6 kids so I was told all kinds of crazy things by my siblings! Nothing specific comes to my old brain. I'm sure the battery acid was one though.


1. I was always afraid something was under my bed. If I had to get out of bed at night I would stand up on my bed and leap towards door
2. dentists..had a few horrible experiences as a young child...still avoid them unless an emergency. I made my husband take our children when young. I refused to do it...too afraid and knew they would know it.
3. Men I don't know became a problem when I was about ten. A few days after we moved to Madrid, Spain there was a huge riot outside our apartment building involving 1000's of men. I later learned it was over an international soccer game, but all I knew at the time is we were locked in the building and everyone in lower apartments had to come stay with those of us on higher floors for safety. There was a lot of fighting, yelling, cursing and bleeding and there were only men...many dirty scary looking ones.. For years I was always afraid any man would suddenly turn into a screaming violent person the way they had all suddenly become violent. 55 years later I still have perfect instant replay in my mind..

A Facebook User

Sooo Scary

1. Spiders and Snakes....still am.
2. Afraid something was in the closet

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