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Beth Glass

Like you, Tami, I am torn between the two.
I grew up in Queens (right outside of NYC) in a big apartment building.
Great things about living in the city:
1. Many friends lived right there in the same building.
2. Rainy days were never boring.
3. Didn't have to wear a coat on Halloween because we had a built in neighborhood to trick or treat in.
4. Walking distance to playground, movie theatre, shopping, restaurants and Grandma and Grandpa's house.
5. Never had to ask for a ride anywhere.
6. Eventually old enough to take the subway into NYC with friends. We used subway tokens not metrocards!!!

I didn't move to the "country" until my kids were born so this list is from a totally different point of view.
Great things about living in the country.
1. More space in a house vs. an apt.
2. Don't have to wait for an elevator!
3. Have my own craft room!!
4. Laundry right in the house!! (Laundry room was in the basement of the building but since I was a kid, it didn't affect me!)
5. Love the peaceful woods behind my house.
6. Love sitting on my (newly re-built) deck 3 out of 4 seasons reading, listening to music or just enjoying the scenery.
7. Kids have lots of space indoors and outdoors.
8. Have to drive everywhere but parking is never an issue. Go try to park a car in Queens!! You'd sell it in no time!


I would have to say I am both a city mouse and a country mouse.

Although I have never lived in a huge city, like NYC, I love being able to walk everywhere, have food delivered to the house and have every store within a few blocks.

But, I also love the country where I can watch birds, deer and other wildlife, there is space to walk and plenty to look at. Although there is a drive to get anywhere, the Internet makes shopping in my pjs possible!

Mindy Shirley

While I live "in town" it's not a big "city". I think we have maybe 4,000 people in town. I've lived in this smaller country setting most of my life although I did live in St. Louis for approximately two years.

What I love about "country" living:
1. Not a lot of city noise at night.
2. You can really see the stars at night.
3. I know all of my neighbors up and down the street and on the street behind our house.
4. There are a lot of children for my son to play with on our street and I feel he can go hang out at the park or at someone's house and I'm not as worried as I would be in the big city.
5. We can walk down to the baseball diamonds in the summer time to catch a little league game any night of the week.

Amy Paegel

City mouse here! What I like about city living:
1. The feeling that I'm in the middle of things. Even though this isn't the biggest city, there's a lot going on here and I like to be a part of it!
2. Having a community around me that identifies with certain things, has certain things in common, cares about certain things, stands for certain things. Tucson is a close community that way. We really rally around causes.
3. The resources of a city: shopping, teams, restaurants, a freeway, an aiport.

What I love about the country:
1. Going there to take a break, to see landscape and animal life outside my daily routine.
2. Consciously stopping to smell, listen, notice what's around me in nature.
3. Admiring what God has made!

Amy Jo Maruschak

I like living in the country near a big city!

Great things about living near a big city:
1. Plays
2. Museums
3. Restaurants
4. Airport (all our family is out of state!)

Great things about the country:
1. Friendly hometown people.
2. Mom & Pop restaurants with home cookin'
3. Less traffic
4. You can see the dirt.

I lived in the Chicago suburbs and felt like I never got to see a field! It was concrete almost everywhere! and an hours drive to get out to the country. -I LOVED my years living there and I am thankful I live farther out in the country now!

Libby Wiers

I consider myself a country mouse, although I never lived 'out in the country' like on a farm. The town I grew up in and the town I live in now are both small towns.
The advantages:
1. Quiet nights, lots of visible stars...
2. Not a lot of traffic (two cars at the intersection is a traffic jam...)
3. As a child, we could ride our bikes or walk anywhere in town, play with friends, 'just be home before dark'; for my children, it was almost as good as that, though the town was smaller with more people living in a more rural area.
4. We did have a store handy for snacks, and my hometown had a movie theater within walking distance.
5. I walked to school all my life; my boys rode a bus because district schools meant they were not all in our town.
The disadvantages:
1. Major stores, like grocery, pharmacy, department type are all 20-60 minutes away.
2. Cultural events are mostly 1-2 hours (or 4 if we have to go as far as Boston...).

I like a city vacation, to explore neighborhoods and art museums, see plays and concerts, but I wouldn't want to live there with all the traffic and noise. Definitely a country mouse.

A Facebook User

My husband and I were raised in a small town.
1. We walked to school (I lived across the street) and could walked home for lunch
2. Favorite thing as teenager, walking downtown
3. Train track nearby, could always here passing trains
When we married we decided to live in a country setting
1. Peace and quiet, just nature
2. We have 5 acres and lots of space
3. We have no neighbors for several miles around us, just farm land
4. No pizza delievery
5. slow internet
6. Closest stores 20" minutes away

Julie Miller-Oconnor

I'm a city mouse who has become a country mouse.
1. Raised in St. Louis County we walked everywhere to dentist (which was above the drug store w/candy), doctors, pharmacy, grocery store and to movies.
2. Friends were close and we played outside everyday.
3. Schools were too far to walk and rode the bus.
4. As we got older we would spend Friday nights at the Mall, Skate Rink or Theatre.

Moved in 1985 to Jefferson County, Missouri.
1. Quiet at night, wonderful neighbors, still close to town for shopping, dinners, etc.
2. Less traffic is the main reason for me to stay a country mouse.
3. Beauty of the woods, animals, stars at night.

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