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Amy Jo Maruschak

5th Grade

And it's weird because I don' think that teacher was my best... But I remember it!

1. We learned that "Can I?" is different from "May I?" with repeated responses of "I don't know, can you?" from the teacher.

2. We had "current events" every day and I was never so well informed about world news! (Well, not until I met my husband who is a news junkie.)

3. We wrote several "themes" - papers on current events. One of mine was called, "The Iranian Crisis".

4. We worked at our own pace on several subjects. I was in the "advanced" group for reading and we had to do a project pretending we were going on a motorcycle trip through any U.S. State that we chose. We researched the various cities we "visited" and drew our own "postcards" for each location.

5. In learning writing and grammer, he'd have us start with a simple sentence then add descriptive words to make it a big, long sentence! Then we'd diagram it. I loved it!

I can't even remember the teachers name, but I do remember what I learned!

Libby Wiers

My best year in grade school:
I really liked school and always did well, but it was so long ago (I'm almost 63, after all) that one general year doesn't stand out from the rest. I had lots of really good teachers, but some things do stand out from various years:
1. My father had my sub-primary (now called kindergarten) teacher, Miss Greenlaw. I was chatty, and once when she left the room after admonishing us to be quiet, she came back to catch me sitting on my desk talking - she made me stay there the rest of the afternoon.
2. My 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Harvey, lived around the corner and was an aunt to a close friend. I remember thinking it was weird to have a teacher who was a family friend.
3. My 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Blood, was also old and the thing I best remember is that she taught us to sing "God Bless America", all the verses though I only remember the first one now, and that when she conducted us her arms flapped - any day now, that will be me!
4. I was also the smallest in my class and my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Pratt, used me to demonstrate a math problem that a boy was having difficulty with. Back then problems were set up vertically rather than as horizontal equations; so to show that 3 + 2 and 2 + 3 were the same, she stood me in front, then flipped me upside down and asked if it was still Libby.
5. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Fletcher, was nice to everyone and taught us to be kind to one another.
6. In 5th grade, we had two teachers and changed rooms for various subjects that each one was best equipped to teach. We learned penmanship with one, Mrs. Hewitt, using bottles of ink, pens to dip into it, and blotters. I remember the other, Mrs. Warren, was younger and taught math and science. That was the year I did a project, complete with scale model, of the solar system - Pluto was still a planet back then!
7. Mrs. Hicthcock was my 6th grade teacher. We were separated that year by ability level, and we were the 'top' group. The teacher worked us hard and we learned a lot, but she wouldn't have had any patience with a slow group. Still a talker, I had to sit in the front near her desk where she could try to keep me quiet. The next year, she made my quiet cousin sit there because we had the same last name - and Carol has never let me live that down.
Then it was on to Junior High...
Thanks for trip down memory lane, even if I didn't do it exactly as asked.

Amy Paegel

Best year in school was 9th grade, followed by the worst (10th grade). Best teacher, weirdly enough, was my math teacher. I think we started with him in 4th and went through 9th. Mr. Lawler would always write "math is easy! math is fun!" all over the board and all our homework and worksheets. We clearly understood it was pure propaganda, but it kinda worked anyway -- or at least it did in combination with his big smile, quiet voice, infectious enthusiasm, and genuine concern for his students. I invited him to my wedding :)

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Best year in school was probably 6th grade when we went to Camp Mo-Val. I have no idea where it was in Missouri, but it was fun. I learned about being away from home for an entire week with classmates. We would sing every morning for breakfast and maybe lunch and dinner too. I remember the song Washington Waddle? I returned to that same Camp as a counselor in my Junior year in High School it was a great time. We were assigned a group of kids you had to keep track of and sleep in their cabin and teach classes about nature.

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