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Libby Wiers

What patriotism means to me:
1. Gratitude to and respect for those who fought, and continue to fight, for our freedoms.
2. Honoring our flag.
3. Exercising my right to vote and participate in the democratic process.
4. Respect for the democratic process, and the compromises that often means, even when the result is not what I envision.
5. Respect for our 'leadership team', while reserving the right to disagree.


Two very important things mean patriotism to me:
1. Always standing silently (or singing along) with the National Anthem.
2. Buying American-made products or at least products produced for American-owned companies.


What I feel patriotism means
1.NOT using public forums like Facebook to bad mouth our President. We don't have to agree with him but we don't have to make our enemies happy by telling the world we don't
2.Flying an American flag 24/7 - which means paying the cost to have a light on so it is never flying in the dark...
3.Thanking any soldier, airman or seaman when I see them in public and can privately do so
4.Being sure my kids and grandkids knew how to respect the flag and what it stood for...
5.Being sure my kids and grandkids knew that their great-grandfathers on my side both served in multiple wars as full time Air Force enlisted man and officer.
6.Being sure grandkids knew about the wars they were in and those since..my 22 yr old granddaughter had never heard of the Korean War or anything since..they didn't "get that far" in history classes.
7. and as Libby so beautifully put it "Respect for the democratic process, and the compromises that often means, even when the result is not what I envision."

Amy Paegel

1. Definitely respect for the flag and anthem, and for those who hold office.
2. Voting and trying to make it an informed vote.
3. Writing a letter to the editor once in a while, when something needs to be said.
4. Trying to hold accountable those in authority (just as often someone in the media as someone in office).
5. Trying to hang onto some of the things that have always made this country great: freedom of speech, open-mindedness, equal opportunities, etc.

A Facebook User

I am patriotic....I am proud to be an American, I live in a land thats free. Our country maybe going thru some difficult times, but we will pull thru, because we are strong, and independent, and we are all difficerent and yet we hold similar values. We will survive

A Facebook User

I am proud to be an American, and live in a land thats free. I proud we have such good young men who risk their lives for our freedom. Our country is going thru difficult times, but we will come thru...I respect our flag and constitution and believe each individual has their rights and may hold different opinions. But that is what America is all about

Julie Miller-Oconnor

I agree with all of your responses and have very little to add:
1. Try to be a good citizen and pass that along.
2. Have respect for the President - even if you don't agree with them.
3. Vote
4. Be thankful every day that we live in the greatest Nation in the world.

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