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Libby Wiers

My work spaces (both work and crafts) get really untidy, too, and it does make it hard to get down to work...
This morning, so far, I have:
1. sorted out two tenant files, prepared verification requests for the mail and put the files back in the drawer
2. opened three days' worth of mail and put the bills in the proper folders
3. closed out a tenant folder, issued security deposit refund and filed the folder in the proper drawer
4. sent a letter to a tenant regarding a missed meeting
5. prepared an application for mailing to a prospective tenant
6. put the pile of to-do items on the desk into the order they need doing
7. pulled out the bills so I can write checks next
Now if I could make the craft space as tidy - maybe tomorrow while my husband is at a meeting!

A Facebook User

What did I do today
1. I got up early and went to work, im a nurse and it was a lonnngg day. now I am home and trying to relax, plan to pay bills while online, and hope we go back out for supper because I don't feel like cooking (never do)

Julie Miller-Oconnor

After breakfast I started to clean up my craft room from a paint job and a room shift earlier in winter.
1. Got rid of 3 trash bags of old supplies, books, paints, stuffing, etc. for trash and/or donation. Too bad the trash man was already here.
2. Went through some catch-all boxes. Found some stuff I'd been looking for. Also, found my son's (who is almost 23) hat, tshirt, id bands from hospital he was born at. Guess I didn't think of scrapping that back then?
3. 5 hours later I decided I'd better walk the dog, get mail, and get a soda.
4. Needed more time to shower, fix dinner and finish up the reorganization job...in my house that job is never done.


Well, I went to work, but I got two things done at work that I've been struggling to find time to do - annual reviews and quality for January!

Andrea Fisher

1. Started the day by checking emails while I was
2. eating some yogurt for breakfast.
3. ironed the baby's curtins I finished sewing at 3 a.m.
4. made arrangements to drop the curtins off
5. took photos of Andrew (the Fun Uncle) holding his new niece with the silliest grin on his 16 yr old face
6. got to hold the baby for a few minutes before dashing off to the
7. grocery store where Andrew picked up his weekly newspaper.
8. returned home briefly because a pit stop was necessary to pick up item we were heading to the store to return
9. stopped for a fill up of gas
10. stopped at the library
11. went to the credit union
12. stopped at Walmart for a return
13. hit Burger King for what was to be a cheap meal for three...not
14. stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for their heart shaped donut special 6/$3.99 and to speak to youngest daughter who is asst. mgr. there
15. headed out to shopping center at the other end of town to let Hannah pay bills
16. returned home to catch CPAC speeches on C-Span
17. Lessons for the day: two chapters and discussion in "Understanding the Times"
18. Literature lesson: chapter in "Tales of the Resistance"
19. shopping online for cardstock because email says $1.99 shipping all weekend
20. advise on daughter's new web pages
21. begin assembling components for next week's challenge
22. look at cardstock order again and cut out everything not "needed"
23. eat a bagel for dinner
24. watch "who do you think you are" Ancestry.com's show on NBC
25. looked over order again...now down to the bare essentials and order
25. fight with WORD over new document started that keeps closing on me
26. remember I haven't looked at Tami's lists today and begin this list,
27. rereading list decide I've done enough for the day and ready to call it a day.
28. g'night all!


When I first read this on the 10th only Libby had added her comments. It was noon, I was sitting at computer trying to be really silent so I didn't wake up my daughter who was still asleep because she is ill. I thought about how tired I still was after spending the day before driving in horrible traffic to take daughter to multiple medical appointments and decided I wasn't going to do anything that day..including the list :-). I have found as I have gotten older you sometimes really need a day of doing nothing.

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