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Mindy Shirley

I haven't had time to be very creative this week, and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, although I always make sure my children have candy which I will purchase this week. We had Direct TV installed this week so I'm hoping to draw inspiration from all of the great DIY shows.


This week, the washing machine broke. We found a new one on Craig's List and went to look at it, but decided not to purchase it. Instead, my husband decided to fix ours. Aside from that, I've been looking for DT calls and trying to find my creative mojo!

Libby Wiers

This week I...
1. ...actually worked three 9-5 days M, Tu, Th (it's supposed to be part time...)
2. ...had a free Wednesday, no scrapping or tutoring due to weather keeping me home, and I spent the morning at work and the afternoon cleaning off my craft table - AGAIN.
3. ...installed a new printer without any help from my computer geek son - and it actually printed!
4. ...Sunday is a scrap retreat day, so I'll spend some time gathering the right supplies later on today.

Amy Paegel

um, er, I don't go quite as all-out as you do! {blush}
I bought my husband a card about a week or two ago. Today I bought cards for my father, sister and a single friend. I'm thinking about how far I want to go in making cards for my son's classmates. I think I've identified candies to slip inside, although I don't have enough yet...

A Facebook User

Although I haven't done much, I did make a valentine cards and buy some sweetheart candy for my grandsons. Thats as good as it gets...


What did you do this week?
I have been trying to design a few craft products for gifts for a gift exchange.
1. Actually started one of the projects - since I will need between 25 and 50 of them. Hope to do at least 3 different items.
2. Made a special trip to the largest craft store in area to look for and price supplies for crafts.
3. Took family member to Dr. appts. twice this week.
4. For Valentine's Day...nothing

Julie Miller-Oconnor

How I used to get ready for Valentines Day:
1. Make shortbread pink heart shaped cookies.
2. Bought valentines for school.
3. Put out Valentine wreath on front door and mailbox flag.
4. Go to flower shoppe for Merbs chocolate covered stawberries. Yum!
5. Have a glass hollow bowl and decorate for each season and fill w/candy.
6. Make special dinner w/family favorites.
How did I get ready in 2012?
#3 and #6 and buy my man a card.

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