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Mindy Shirley

Face--my husband called me that because he said I had a beautiful face.

Boy-Girl--I call my daughter "girl" and my son "boy" and they answer--good thing I didn't have a third child!

Amy Jo Maruschak

Our family words of endearment:

1. My Love - I started calling my husband this before we were married.
2. Doodle Bug - our nickname for our 7 year old daughter, Allison. We also call her Bug, and Ally-Bug.
3. Sweetie - my nickname for Allison when I'm not calling her Bug.
4. Little Guy - our nickname for our 5 year old son, Carter. It's a little ironic because at 10lb 13oz the day he was born, he was never "little". My husband has shortened this nickname to just Guy.
5. Mister - My nickname for Carter.
6. Ter - Another nickname for Carter. When he first started saying his name he said "Ter", and we'll still call him that sometimes.
7. A - When Carter first started saying Allison's name he just said "A" (short a sound). We still call her that occassionally.

A Facebook User

terms of endearment
1. my husband calls me baby doll
2. I call him honey
3. my oldest son was Bubba and son #2 was Tookie
4. My youngest grandson is booboo blake (he is accident prone)
5. my sons dog whos name is buster is called beanie most of the time, im not sure why

Amy Paegel

Matt and I have always called each other “Lover,” which is weird because it dates back to well before we were married (i.e., before we were lovers).
Over the years it has morphed and now it is often “Yubba.”
No one remembers why, but we call Joshua “Boof” or “the Boof” or “Boofeen.” He calls us Mama and Daddy, but also now sometimes Mom and Dad.
Matt calls me “Dude” sometimes just because.
We call Copper everything: Hound Dog, Little Dog, Pretty Dog, Co-pere, etc etc etc

Libby Wiers

1. pretty lady - that started before we were married, and I've always told him he has a vivid imagination...
2. handsome - he makes the same crack about my imagination
3. sweetie or honey - we both use those
4. Matt was Mattinski and Greg 'our little goober' - but that barely lasted to toddler before they protested - I can't imagine why! Then it went to 'hey kid' or kiddo for either one; we still do that and they are in their 30s. (Is that because I'm old and don't remember names???)

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Jules - started before we were married. Some close friends also call me this. In the 80's he called me "chubby chest" lovingly.
2. Granddaughter Lilly call her boo, don't know why.
3. Dog mugzee call her mugz,bubba,crazy girl.
4. Bubba was a name for all O'Connor animals whether they had names or not. Started w/hamsters.
5. New grandson Jackson - baby Jack.
6. Grand kids Ethan is just "E", Ellison is just "L" and Emily is just "M" or "M's".


* Honey. Travis and i have called each other “honey” for i don’t know how long. we are just these honeys, i guess
* Little Baby or just Baby. Kellan is kind of stuck with that. but he knows his name too, so that’s good.
* Buddy. usually applies to Brodyn. sometimes Amber, and always Ryan. lol.
* Rooskie. that’s me. it’s an office, not a title. all of my close friends call me that, and that’s what they said it means. i’m confused as well, but as long as i’m the Rooskie Incumbent then i don’t give a darn.
* Dude. can be anyone, depends on the tone of the conversation.
* Stinky. usually applies to the dog. because he usually smells like rotten pancakes or sweaty dog.


I don't use a lot of them..didn't realize it until you had me list them :-) All are directed at grandkids and kids...

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