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Libby Wiers

10 things I check/change routinely:
1. The mail (daily)
2. Email messages (several times daily)
3. Phone messages (every time I am out and come home)
4. Gas level in the car (usually when I head out - don't ask about the time I put in more gas than I thought the tank holds...)
5. Clocks (twice a year)
6. For the presence of dust bunnies (when we expect company...)
7. Bedding (when I'm washing towels)
8. Water level at the lake (every time we are there, but especially in spring when it matters to mating loons - we love to see the babies and watch them grow)
9. The refrigerator (to be sure it is stocked with fruits/veggies)
10. The time (when my husband is out later than I expect in bad weather)
Just checked Tami's list - and we, too, change batteries once a year and I always clean the lint trap when I empty the dryer..

Val Jones

These are just 10 of the things that I either change or check on a routine basis:
1. check calendar everyday to try to keep up with all of activities.
2. check watch every day while I'm at work...would HATE to stay late and not be able to go home and scrap!
3. change my comforters on my beds to match the seasons (yes ( have 4 sets for each bed)
4. check my emails ALL the time to see who has either organized a scrap or is going to join me for an 'all day crop!
5. check my pantry weekly to be sure I have all of the 'staples' needed for everyday emergency meals!
6. change my toothbrush once a month
7. change my underwear daily! LOL LOL
8. check and change my Christmas card list yearly.. don't want to miss sending a special hand made card to a loved one!
9. check tv programs to be sure I recorded the ones I don't have time to watch
10. change the flag outside to reflect the season and events (Easter, Halloween, Fourth of July, Christmas etc etc etc)

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Calendar - daily or more often - to see if I'm on-call at work, have doctor appts, etc.
2. Mail - daily - shred "secret trash" bills, etc. monthly. Throw out junk mail daily. If I don't do this it accumlates and takes over my life.
3. Email - sometimes daily or not? I've been known to have 1,500 unread emails in my in box - Yikes! I now try to keep it to under 300 :/
4. I change the front door decoration and mail box flag to coordinate w/the season.
5. Change my oil when the sticker on my windshield says to. Try to remember to rotate tires too...not as good about this.
6. Empty my lint trap after every dryer load.
7. Donate clothes and things I don't use anymore to Goodwill every few months.
8. Check that the coffee pot is off before leaving house.
9. Check before buying new supplies ask self...self do you really need this.
10. Double check that I am not charting on the wrong patient at work. With the computer charting it is REAL easy to do this!

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