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Libby Wiers

Things that have taken determination in my life:
1. Earning my Curved Bar in Girl Scouts before the program changed and that was no longer an option - it meant there was a lot of work to do in less time, to get it finished ahead of the deadline - and I was one of the last in my community to get this award before it disappeared.
2. Sticking out my first year of teaching - I'd been assigned a special ed class that had driven a 40-year teacher to finally move into administration, and I was ready to quit about 10 weeks into the year.
3. Climbing to the top of a waterfall in Yosemite - I am so NOT an outdoors person, but I wasn't about to be left behind.
4. Tracking down what caused seizures and behavior changes in our elder son, then monitoring food and activities to avoid the issues - his years 7-9 were not a lot of fun, but he has turned into a wonderful adult.

Amy Paegel

Things that have taken my determination:
1. Getting remarried (at 40-ish)
2. Having a baby (at 42, with some fert treatment)
3. Yes, getting through college -- those exams were TOUGH!
4. Losing weight
5. Selling books door-to-door as a summer job

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Getting through nursing school with a toddler - rough but rewarding!
2. Raising 3 step-daughters - what an adventure!
3. Dealing with changes in the healthcare field and how it affects nursing and the care we give.
4. Keeping up with technology.

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