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Mindy Shirley

I find that my attention is diverted by trying to do too many things at once--I'm on the Internet (Facebook a lot) and trying to watch TV. Or I'm on my phone playing games and trying to listen to the radio. I rarely watch the news--it's too depressing and negative, but there is always something going on in my life to distract me!

Amy Paegel

Distracted this week by
1. Being sick. Really, really sick.
2. Having a sick kid. Just a cold, but really whiny and needy.
3. Having a husband who thinks he just might possibly be getting sick, and takes two days off work to sit around feeling sorry for himself. Seriously.

Libby Wiers

I couldn't tell you WHAT was really the distraction on any given day, but every day this week there have been things on my to-do list that got pushed to another day (and a week later I still have checks that need to be written...). Yesterday, it was a snow storm that required cancelling a meeting and notifying everyone (few of whom have email...). I, too, am a multi-tasker, try to do too many things at once, and sometimes complete none of them. Work is often at the computer, so email and Facebook get involved. And with three phones on the desk... You get the picture.


Amy, I hope you are feeling better. :)

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Bad days at work Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs makes me too tired to be distracted at home.
2. Wed Leap Year Day distracted at work by trying to get to my son's wedding on time. Didn't make it in time, but got to go out to dinner with them and her Father. Joined a produce coop and volunteered to help distribute produce and picked up my first order...what a great deal!
3. Great Friday! No distractions!

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