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Amy Paegel

Who - John Nordell
What - We went to school together from preschool (3yrs old) through 9th grade, and our parents were friends
When - At 3 yrs old, my friend Marjie and I would fight over who would marry John when we grew up. I was probably in college or even graduated when I realized it wasn't going to happen
Where - school, our houses and neighborhood, friends' houses
Why - Curly blond hair, sturdy build, good at art and athletics and music. Truly, I have no idea. Maybe more the idea of it all than the real person? The pursuit more than anything?
How - I never really dated him, but I did get a few kisses in about 8th or 9th grades...

Libby Wiers

Who - a boy in my class
What - we'd been in school together since kindergarten, attended CCD together (Sunday School, but on Saturday mornings...) and known each other forever in our small town
When - 7th grade
Where - no where
Why - he was cute and popular and a nice boy; but it was entirely one-sided. In the typical fashion of the age, someone told him I liked him, but while he liked me well enough he said I talked too much - I still do, but have a husband who is quiet and doesn't seem to mind, thankfully
How - again, not at all

Except for a few tight couples, most of us traveled in a big group for activities in town right through high school. The first kiss I remember came from my now husband when we were freshmen in college, where I met him.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Who - Steve Bryzeal
What - He went to a different school in our district and was a different grade.
When - Summer Camp
Where - Matilda Park
Why - He was dark, strong, older (13) and handsome.
How - He was a camp counselor and I was 11. We hung out a summer camp all week and he walked me home a couple of times. He kissed me once and I thought it was gross!

A Facebook User

Wow, I dont remember any real crush. Met my husband at age 16 (he was 15 and I couldnt imagine him as anything but a good friend), but as time went on I realized that that is what husbands are, best friends. So despite the age difference (at 16 1 year younger was a major issue to me) we ultimately married and have shared our lives for 34 years

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