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Libby Wiers

In March 2012 we paid:
1. $4.48 for the large size of my favorite garlic hummus
2. $0.92 for a can of black beans
3. $1.99 for a tray of celery hears
4. $1.99 for a large package of baby bella mushrooms
5. $1.08 for .56 lb of bananas ($1.93/lb)
6. $1.49 for a bunch of red leaf lettuce
7. $2.99 for store brand toasted rice cereal
8. $5.99 for 48 oz. Crisco

Andrea Fisher

Well, I have three receipts in my wallet. The biggest shock for me this week was at the gas pump.
February 18, 2012 I paid for $3.349 per gallon of unleaded.
Monday of this week March 19, I paid $3.739 per gallon of gas and then yesterday, March 22, the shock was paying $3.979 per gallon!!!

My uncle chastizes me at balking at those prices, because they are (in Scotland,) paying over $9.00 a litre for gas! To which I'd like to reply that shame on you...you are surounded by oil rigs in the North Sea pumping it out...most of ours is coming from half a world away. I'm sure the point would be missed.

I know the cost of peanut butter has gone sky high too...not a cheap sandwich anymore!

A Facebook User

wow...I couldnt tell you my grocery bill...I just get what I need
Gas in Festus is $4 and down the road 30 miles in Bloomsdale 3.70....I live in the middle
Just purchased a fish fry for $7 a person
sew stampers *8.99 and tool head for 3.99...ok I know my scrapbook purchases better because i hate grocery shopping.......New swimsuit for vacation$44.......If I can afford the gas to get to Florida


1. Gas in our area is running about 4.15 a gallon
2. lg. canned tomatoes 28oz 1.68 Wal-Mart price
3. 1/2 2% milk 1.99 on grand opening sale
4. can fruit cocktail 1.48 Wal-Mart price
5. Mrs. Butterworth's pancake syrup 3.29
6. Large apple juice 2.74 on sale Target
7. roma tomatoes .66 A lb.
8. Kraft American cheese slices 2% small pack 4.18

I have to save all receipts because we itemize our sale tax. Wa state does not have state income so we are allowed to claim our 9% sales taxes paid on our returns. I now try to shop at Wal-Mart or at least Target for as much as possible because I find I save a major amount on a lot of items there. Some things have gone up over 50% in price over a year ago :-(

Amy Jo Maruschak

Oh - I like this list! But I don't have any receipts handy!!!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Great value small half n half $1.18
2. Great value organic 2% milk 1/2 gal size $3.52
3. Regular unleaded gas in Festus, Missouri $3.99 in Branson, Missouri $3.629 same week.
4. Libby green beans/corn .79 at Dollar Tree

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