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A Facebook User

I have noticed that they are quite a few people who participate life in list....Julie OConnor is one of my best friend...so I heart my jobs
1. Have met some of my closest friends at work, there is a groupd of 4 of us and we love to go to crop week ends....great get away
2. We are both nurses in surgical services....I work in endoscopy (yes ladies I spend my days doing colonoscopies.) I love taking care of patients, and helping them find answers to there illness (I hate the bad news we sometimes have to give them)
3. The world of medicine has come so far that it is amazing what we can do thru the tiny channels of the scope to fix things.
4. Although its rare in my job I actually do get to write my own schedule
5. The best part is when a patient tells you you did a good job and greatly appreciates our part in recovery. Nursing can be a sad job but there is still a lot of good stories.

Sarah Lewis

I like my 2 jobs: stay at home mom and part time School nurse:
1. I like working with the kids--they are fun to talk to
2. I like the adult interaction with the teachers and staff at school
3. I like getting to use my nursing skills
4. I like that my job is 3 days a week allowing me to be home with my kids/family the rest of the week plus weekends, holidays and summer vacations!

Libby Wiers

What I 'heart' about my job:
1. I manage low-income elderly housing and it is a good feeling to be providing affordable housing to older residents who can no longer keep up a house and yard.
2. I'm a people person, so working with a variety of residents and maintenance contractors is something I enjoy.
3. The 'management company' is me and the work is not full time, so I set the hours and days that I work (mostly from home, occasionally at the apartment sites), giving me flexibility to to other important things like tutoring for Literacy Volunteers and mundane things like laundry and dishes between work activities.
4. Overseen by USDA Rural Development, there is lots of paperwork involved with keeping up with (ever-changing) government regulations. I am a detail person and all this keeps my brain sharp!
5. Being a procrastinator, I often work odd hours - I take time to do coffee with a friend, then work in the evening to get the paperwork ready - but it works for me.
6. I've met and learned from other managers and have made at least one life-time friend from the association.
7. As long as the rent is collected, bills paid, maintenance kept up and apartments filled, whether I work 10 hours one week and 50 the next really doesn't matter. And I can schedule time for conventions and vacations without a hassle (CKC Manchester, here I come!)

Amy Jo Maruschak

I am an adjunct math instrcutor at a community college. I teach what is considered a "developmental" math class...that is, I teach the math that you should have learned in high school! :-)

What I *heart* about my job:

1. I LOVE MATH: I really love math, so teaching math is a lot of fun for me.
2. I LOVE TEACHING: I really, really love teaching!
3. I MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Many of my students enter my class hating math or afraid of it...and the way I teach can make such a difference in giving them confidence in math and in their abaility to succeed at college.
4. EACH SEMESTER IS DIFFERENT: Each semester I get a new mix of students, so each semester is different. I may be teaching the same thing, but with a different group of students it's never boring!
5. SCHEDULE: I can work my teaching schedule each semester around my Mommy duties. It's so nice to be "working", but still be able to take and pick my son up from preschool.
6. MY STUDENTS ARE INSPIRING: I am often amazed at how hard my students work. Many have full-time jobs and families and yet they are working hard to get a college education. They are inspiring.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

I work at a hospital ambulatory treatment center. It is a very busy place. We do surgeries, xray procedures, endoscopic procedures, and infusions. I enjoy my co workers, the variety of the work and the patients. You may have someone having a lumbar puncture in one room and another going to heart bypass surgery. Out patients and all in house surgical/endo patients come through our department. It's a good mix most days. Sometimes exhausting though, but we have each other to share the burdens. No, I don't get to make my own schedule, but I work M-F 0530-1230ish/part time. We also take call during the week/ends for recovery room. We have a group of 4-5 of us that crop and are very close...Dianne Mahn on of my best buddies!


Nursing, helping the elderly, and teaching - you all are amazing! Thanks for sharing. :)

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