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Libby Wiers

I consider myself to be reasonably bright (brain) and a caring person (heart), so I guess I'd have to choose courage.
1. So I could speak out with conviction about issues that are important, without worrying what other people think of me.
2. So I might dare to take a risk - like change jobs or learn some new and difficult thing - without second-guessing myself and staying in the same old rut.
3. So I could get past my fears, of spiders and heights for example.
4. Let go and really show that I trust God with my life.

Sarah Lewis

I would ask for some courage
1. I tend to play it safe and would could try out new things in life
2. I tend to be a bit shy in situations and it would help me take to people
3. It would help me show my kids a bit more adventure in life, too

Amy Paegel

I’d ask for more courage. Then I could use the brain and heart I’ve already been given, without being held back by fear!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

I like Amy's answer!

I too, would ask for courage.
1. I would go back to school for a Advanced Nursing Degree - N.P. or Masters.
2. I would throw caution to the wind, leave friends, family and move to Florida like my husband wishes...to start over?
3. Would teach part-time.

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