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A Facebook User

Things that make me CRAZY
1. My x daughter in law
2.lazy people
3. mismanagement at work (like when they forget to tell you something and hand it to you that morning and your super busy day and tell you its due in 4 hours...happened yesterday) ggrr
4, husband and adult kids who dont pick up ater themselves
5. liars!!!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

I agree with Tami and Dianne - here are a few more.
1. Clutter - just where does this stuff come from?
2. Junk mail
3. Changes at work - Medicare rules, administration, bosses...CRAZY!
4. Socks on the floor - husband balls them up and throws them at the dog, but doesn't pick them up.
5. Crumbs on the table or counter top
6. Telemarketers - The "No Call" List doesn't work.
7. Mean people!!


A few things that make me crazy...

1) Dishes left in the sink (the dishwasher is two feet away!)
2) Shoes left all over the house instead of the closet
3) When people (especially at work) forget to say "please" and "thank you"
4) Clutter
5) Drivers who don't keep a safe distance
6) Poor customer service

Amy Jo Maruschak

1. People who drive without buckling up the kids.
2. Crazy drivers in the pick-up line at school.
3. Clutter
4. Having to tell you twice.
5. Cleaning up crumbs from my kids.

Kelly Smay

1. when you are rushing through the store and there is only 1 register open with a very long line.
2. crazy drivers in parking lots.
3. all the good TV shows are on all at the same time.
4. rain after you just washed the car
5. an empty jar in the fridge


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Libby Wiers

Things that make me crazy:
1. Tech support people who barely speak English, I'm frustrated with equipment and the 'fix' is also a frustration
2. People who don't do what they say they will do
3. Clothes dropped in places they don't belong
4. Dust, laundry and dishes - those never ending items...
5. Too many government regulations (I manage housing under USDA and follow some HUD rules as well)
6. Clutter - but even when I get it picked up, I swear it breeds overnight

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