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Lisa Charleton

I like to play with my hair too! It's gotten better than MY childhood habit where i would get tangled and just pull it out! i also like to play games on my phone and ipod. Probably too muchsometimes! And pet my dog - he has a soft, beautiful coat.

Karen Fox

I like to play games on my phone. Maybe alittle to much at time. LOL. I really like to knit. I used to knit about 20+ years ago. I resently just started back again. I love taking candided pictures of my doggies & family. : )

Libby Wiers

Well, I'm not a nail-biter and my hair isn't long enough to fiddle with and I don't shred napkins and foam cups like my husband, but I do like to keep my hands busy - especially when I am watching TV or sitting around waiting. I like to knit/crochet/x-stitch, though those projects seem to be neglected lately. I do papercrafts. I play games on my Nook or do crosswords or number puzzles like sudoku or kakuro.

A Facebook User

While relaxing I love to do hand embroidery. Pillowcases, but especially quilts. One of these days I want a quilting frame so I can quilt my own quilts, that would definitly keep my hands busy. Love to play computer games


I play word game on computer way too much. If my fingers itch to be busy that means I need to scrapbook!
All my actual writing is also for lists..which I have to type into computer and print if anyone has a prayer of reading them...sometimes myself included.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. When tired or nervous I play with my hair.
2. Try to organize things or get chores done so I can play on the computer, read or scrapbook.
3. Work on genealogy.

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