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A Facebook User

1.Men are from MARS.....really!!!
2. No matter how hard I try my children (who are adults) are going to make choices in their lives that I can never agree with but must accept!!
3. My husband idea of romance isn't the same as mine
4. You do get what you pay for but sometimes you pay for something you may never use...(like picture in a picture)

Amy Jo Maruschak


1. I've been judgmental. As it turns out, many of the things I judged other mother's for I have done myself now that I'm a mother!

2. Marriage is hard work! I love my husband to death, but sometimes it is just hard to communicate and connect. (They are from MARS!)

3. Parenting is hard, too. And it requires a lot of repetition. I have resolved myself to having to repeat multiple times daily: "Don't run in the house." "Face forward when eating." "Don't forget to brush your teeth."

4. I like my scrapbooking time. It's a nice, quiet reflection time for me and I am creating something valuable to my family.

Libby Wiers

1. I am never going to be rich or famous, but that's okay.
2. Being a grandparent is more fun than being a parent, but like many things in life you have to do the hard work to get to the fun part.
3. I'm not going to be fluent in several languages, an early life goal, but I can still try when I travel to have a few useful phrases and be grateful that English is used in so many places.
4. I'll never be a concert musician, but I can enjoy playing piano just for myself and singing in the church choir.
5. Aging is not going to be as easy as people sometimes make it sound, but I can strive to to what I can, for as long as I can, with a smile on my face.
6. Doing for others is important, but having time for me is also important.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. I am me and that's ok.
2. I try to accept people for who they are.
3. It's ok not to be perfect.
4. It is ok to be tired and rest when needed.
5. It is possible to have too much stuff.
6. Spouse is from Mars too!

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