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Sharon Roselli

well all the transitions listed are huge. however my latest transition was very unexpected. I'm 44 and had a stroke in june. I was healty active walked 3 miles a day. worked full time have kids in sports etc.I was very forunate that it hit only my optic nerve in my brain. so I have all my motor function. I lost most of my vision I have a small little place where I can see fine out of. it is like looking through a small straw is the best way to describe it.I am grateful that is all the damage. however I have found other issues because of the stroke and have had serveral surgeries. trying to take out all of my risk factors for stroke. so I have sleep apena. they think that is why I had stroke. but it can be helped by whering a cpap which I wear however I take it off while sleeping. I don't realize I'm doing it. I wish there was a better way!The biggest part of transition is not driving or working.My children are all teens or older now. So they help with taking me to appointments etc. Its hard to have to plan everything and not just go when you want to.I miss the games of my children unless another parent can come get me. If we need something from the store I have to wait until someone gets home from practice. however I can still make scrapbook pages! my doctor says its good tracking thearpy for my eyes.I hope all is spelled correct I count on my fingers being in the write spot on the keybord.I have really learned alot from this transition. about what really matters!my house isn't clean but I can't see the dirt!!
the clothes are washed but I can't tell if they are wrinkled! I make cards and send to my friends can't trell if they are straight send them anyway they are still encouraged that I thought of them.Our time here is a gift we need to remember that and not take it for granted like I was before The Stroke! it seems now its life before the storke and after the stroke.I'm learning to love my life after the stroke more because I'm grateful to be here at all.

Jennifer Johnson

Health issues make the biggest transitions, that's for sure.

I had breast cancer two years ago and have no family history of breast cancer. While undergoing treatments for that, I went to a full-time work-at-home employee for a very large corporation. I'm being treated with a daily pill for my disease and am still working at home, and I love this change now. The only downside is not seeing my work friends very often.

Last fall my husband had a heart attack. He never smoked and had low blood pressure and cholesterol, but he did have the "apple" shape. There were three stents put into the clogged artery, and the doctors thought his heart attack was due to his family genetics.

After two such serious life events, our lives have changed quite extensively. We exercise more and are very conscious of the foods we eat, not wanting to have excess calories that will be harder to work off in the gym.

Other than our health and financial matters, we are laughing more and don't take ourselves and our lives as seriously. I mean, is it really so important that the house get vacuumed THAT often or the lawn be so impeccable? If someone doesn't wave back to me when I'm walking, to bad...so sad - their loss! I'm still going to wave to them the next time I see them. I'll work hard when I have the energy and I'll slack off when I'm tired. I'm going to smile at everyone who is frowning.

I may die tomorrow and I want people to remember me for being the person who was always happy! That's my transition. :-D

Andrea Fisher

Wow! some great lists! and challenges!
Here are a few of mine...not quite so dramatic, but nevertheless much like normal life for others.

1. Kindergarten: big move to leave home to spend half a day with strangers. A place where I was fairly invisible.
2. College: away from home, on my own. The contrast between the morals I was raised with and those of many around me!
3. Returning home after college: returning to restrictions I didn't have at college, working and going to night school. Whole new ball park.
4. Getting married: Adjusted to living with someone very different from me.
5. Having children: A joyful time, but a huge learning curve...the people who said it would get easier as they were older, lied! Always challenging. Full of transitions!
6. Taking care of a terminally ill spouse: Normal changed almost weekly. Everytime I thought I couldn't do it God enabled me to do it and more, then look back and say how easy that was compared to now, and that kept changing. Overcoming became the new normal.
7. Being a Widow and five kids to finish raising: Never a need unmet, every challenge learning something new. Living boldly, taking steps outside the box, enjoying most of what comes my way, because my life didn't end when my husband's did. God isn't finished with me yet, I have a purpose, He has a plan.
8. Letting go: So far only one has left the nest to marry, and now start their family. It hasn't been as hard as expected in some ways and in other ways far more difficult. But seeing as I have plans to become the hermit I aspired to be in my childhood once the last one leaves, I'm going to try my best to master this transition time!!

A Facebook User

Going from catholic grade school to a public high school was a big change, then of course, college, marriage and a couple pf jobs. Having children, and now my children are adults and I am mamaw.....My job is going thru major transitions right now, and as i get older I now have to take heart and blood pressure medicines.. Life is a series of transitions.

Libby Wiers

Typical life events without much drama involved:
1. Kindergarten - separation from home for all day, quite a change from a 3 hour nursery school 3 days/week.
2. Elementary to Junior High - changing classes, many teachers, 'cliques' forming and being left out, finding new friends.
3. High School was a pleasant transition - I liked my classes and my teachers (most of them...) and I'd found firm friends.
4. College - a real taste of independence, also enjoyed thoroughly.
5. Marriage - while still in college, made Dean's List and graduated on time.
6. First teaching job - nearly did me in and I was tempted by a career change - to what I had no idea - but I stuck it out and it did get better.
7. Children - definitely a life-style changer! Loved the comment someone else made - "once a mother, always a mother" - mine are in their 30s and it is still true, although I think I have learned to let go.
8. Aging parents - so hard to see them lose their independence, and so hard to deal with their loss in the end. Life isn't the same when you can't talk to your mother.
9. My own aging process - still healthy & active as I approach retirement age, but little changes like knees 'talking' to me when I walk on pavemnet and eyesight that isn't as sharp for my many craft activities and reading let me know that my age is showing.
Life goes on!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. After high school - going to jr college while working.
2. Getting married and having an instant family - 3 step daughters and an ex wife in the background.
3. Having a son and going back to college while he was an infant.
4. Leaving a good job to go to Nursing school full time.
5. Surviving Nursing School and transition to career.
6. Having grand children
7. Having breast cancer, chemo, and numerous surgeries.
8. Planning for pre-retirement and retirement.

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